Body Blasts, Surfboards, and Dogs

My Thursday started out waking up at 4:45 am. Right, I thought the same thing! WHAT THE HECK?  But Sonya and I are back into the working out routine.  She has a membership at a women’s gym and graciously got me a free week to try it out.  We met there this morning at 5:30 for a Body Blast class……yep, you guessed it, every muscles was worked!  It was a great workout, but dang, MY BODY HAS BEEN BLASTED!  I came home and seriously sat for about an hour, too sore to even go take a shower!  But I have had more energy since then, thank God!

So, Kenny hasn’t been able to use his new surfboard, which arrived on Monday.  So we headed out later in the morning for his first run!  He was a little wobbly at first – this board is shorter than the one he took lessons on – but by the end of the day he was doing a GREAT job, turning, etc.  We had such a good time, bonding on the drive, sharing the moments on the beach even when he was far out (thumbs up and waving galore), and just sharing this new adventure together.  I adored the time together!  Sorry, no pics this time as bonehead Gina forgot her camera!

Well, we stayed at the beach a bit longer than I anticipated, so on the way home I was concerned about Gracie.  She is a WONDERFUL dog, but she has one small problem – when she is left alone, she gets destructive.  The first thing she broke was the flap to the doggie door.  Then, she ripped up the sliding glass screen.  Then, I locked her in her crate and she somehow got the hall rug and tore that up.  So I am very cautious when I leave her and put her in her crate AWAY from EVERYTHING.  But, at the same time, I don’t like to put her in the crate for more than an hour or two.  Today, that turned into about four hours and I felt horrible.  So I told Kenny, “As soon as we get home, please run upstairs and let Gracie out asap!”  He complied (he is good about that!) and rushed to the door leading into the house.  As he opened the door, there was Gracie!  WHAT?!?!!?  We checked the house out – no damage.  I called Rona, who had her cell phone off (RONA – WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT!  LEAVE YOUR PHONE ON FOR PETE SAKE!), and so I left a message.  She called back later to inform me that she had NOT let Gracie out!  So that little stinker now knows how to open the freaking crate door!  Dun dun dun.  At least she was happy as a clam and didn’t cost her mommy more money to fix things!

Okay – Rona, Stephanie and I are leaving for Sacramento tomorrow to visit Sandy and Aaron!  We are SO excited!  Woohoo!  I hope to update you all on our exciting trip once I return as I don’t believe I will have access to the internet while there.

Have a great weekend!

A Lot about Nothing

Hello!  Um, I am up early today (7:30) as I have another interview this morning.  I have no idea if this one will work out.  I was offered a job yesterday that, long term, has potential.  However, it is 100% commission, I need to go to Calabasas EVERYDAY, and has no benefits.  So I need to pray about that one…….

ANYWAY, Edgar took the boys to a surfing contest this weekend and Kenny sent me the following pics that he took:

Yesterday, the foam surfboard I got Kenny arrived!  So today, since I have the interview, Edgar is taking him surfing.  I am so excited for him!  I will probably take him tomorrow.  I might even try it out!  Now THAT should be interesting!

Okay, I gotta run, need to get ready and all.  I am not used to getting dressed in “grown up clothes” anymore, so it takes some time!


Goodbye Sunday!

Wow, another weekend GONE!  Sorry the the redundant theme, but weekends don’t feel that special to me anymore!  LOL

I had some fun this weekend.  Yesterday I went shopping – for those who don’t know me, I HATE to shop!  But, alas, I have an interview tomorrow and really needed to look a bit more professional than I usually do.  Sigh.  To make up for this pain, I decided that I would also go to the Apple store.  I was THIS CLOSE to buying something I didn’t need, but decided that I wouldn’t…….whew!  It is like walking into a drug induced stupor for me!

ANYWAY, I did get a nice suit and cool shoes…..I will look pretty professional I think!  I am at a weird size right now, lost some inches so not quite in my size but not quite in the smaller size…….so anyway, that was encouraging.

One thing I DID take away from Apple is how to record my guitar and bass into my computer.  So, I made a trip to Best Buy, bought the adapter, and began composing music almost immediately!  It brought back memories of me and Edgar trying to record on a 4-track mixer years ago!  Recording on a computer is WAY easier!  LOL  I had SO MUCH fun and stayed up until 3am this morning!  DOH!  I woke up bright eyed at 9am and got right back to it!  So I finished two songs and I had SO MUCH FUN!

I also totally organized my desk and I feel pretty good about it.  Never did quite make it to straightening my room, but I DID clean the bathrooms (note to Rona!!!)

Okay, sorry for the lame post, I wanted to write something but I am distracted really.  Trying to come up with my next song!  LOL  It’s a process!  Maybe soon I will tell you how I do it, not sure if it’s the correct way or not!

Special shout out to Rona, who is my favorite nerd!

Gina OUT!

Happy Saturday

Well, as I have not worked in a while, the freedom of Saturday is not as big as it used to be!  In fact, half the time it takes me several seconds to figure out WHAT day it is!  Hopefully, God willing, I will find a job and get back into the swing of things!

Some site administration notes:  I added to pages here, which you can access to the right; these are MOVIE REVIEWS and WEEKLY SURVEY.  Not that you care about my movie reviews, and not that I do that often, but I decided I would add my spin on things.  I moved the survey over to the new page – I like these stupid things and will update it with a new survey each week.  That way, if you are not interested, you don’t have to see!

Today proves to be an “administration” day for me as well!  Chores, shopping, marking off the things I have listed as needing to be done all week.  Gracie and I will take a nice walk, bond, and otherwise that’s about it.  Aren’t you jealous?

Okay, I have things to do, I may write more later!

Gina OUT!

As promised, here are the surfing pics…..

Well, Kenny and I got to the beach nice and early today – 7:45! And, surprise!, surfing schools are lead by surfers and, well, they don’t really watch the clock too closely. Like, hang loose dude! So class started around 8:30 or so! What Kenny and I didn’t know is that the $65 for the lessons only covered 2 hours! But he got a lot accomplished in those two hours! He caught plenty of waves – I was able to catch the earlier waves but he was KICKING it.

Here is one such shot:

To see more of these pics, click here.

So, since classes didn’t last as long as we expected, Kenny and I decided to get some serious body surfing in. The waves were AWESOME – we got some nice rides in! The BEST feeling was when we’d catch the same waves and we’d look at each other through the white wash. It was very cool and we had a GREAT time.

And, if I may say so, this old lady still has the moves on the waves! So what if I also have several big and ugly bruises from it? At least my son thinks I am cool!

Okay, going to rest now since I am home, showered, and feeling LAZY!

Special shout out to whoever is in the San Diego/Oceanside area that is hitting my site 20+ times a day – thanks for bringing up my readership averages!

Whoa, lots going on!

First of all, special shout out to my dear cousin, Christine!  She is a few weeks older than I am, has always lived states away, yet we are more alike than I realized.  Thank you for always sending me encouraging comments or emails, and always being real with me.  I am so glad you are settling back down and getting online!  I’ve missed you!  And I love you!

The Getty was AWESOME and the day was beautiful!  Rona and I had a nice lunch looking at the clear blue sky, after having seen 90% of the museum!  I love that museum – next stop, Fargo where there are TWO museums!!!!  What’s also kind of cool is that Kirstie went to the Getty TODAY, totally unaware we had gone, and we compared notes!  Woohoo!  The three of us like many of the same things.

Tomorrow Kenny and I are going to the beach to take……SURFING LESSONS!  I am not entirely sure I will actually take them as it is a LONG day (8am – 2pm) and I am not sure how I will look in a wet suit, but Kenny for sure is taking lessons.  He has been waiting SO LONG for this day!  He was so excited tonight I had to insist he go to bed!  And, this old lady best be getting to bed soon too as we need to be at the beach by 7:30!

As for analysis, which I often do, I realized something today.  I tend to see the potential in everything – issues, people, ideas…..the list goes on.  And on the surface, this is a good quality to have.  But my problem, and perhaps yours as well, is when I manufacture potential that is not there, thus creating a hope that is really fruitless.  For example, I often manufacture “the best” in people because, well, I don’t want to acknowledge how their actions are hurtful to me.  I make excuses for them internally, not really saying, “wow, they are treating me like crap and that needs to stop!”  I guess I have taken the “turn the other cheek” theory a bit too far.  Or I tell myself, if I love someone a bit or am really kind to them, they will somehow see how cool that is and will start being nicer.  See how I transfered that?  It is MY fault they are not nice, because I haven’t done enough to “change” them!  Whoa there!  This analysis is getting DEEP!  Or maybe subconsciously I think that I somehow deserve to be treated badly, that to expect someone to be nice to me “just because” is a little off beat.  Hmmmm, I think I better stop writing because this is really getting personal…….

Another thing I realized – I give all I have to people, many people that don’t (or didn’t) deserve it.  Emotionally, physically, financially – I have sacrificed for many people who really don’t give a damn about me today, for myriad reasons.  And I wonder, WHY did I sacrifice so much for them?  To receive some sort of manufactured love?  To make myself feel valuable?  Maybe to make myself feel fulfilled?  All for nothing, it seems, because many of the people to whom I gave the most don’t even pretend to care about me today.  As my dear friend Teddi would ask now, “so, what have you learned from that?”  I am not sure.  I like the part of me that sees a need and tries to meet it.  But I guess my heart is telling me to reign it in a little or at least expect the recipient to treat me like crap.  And that makes me think, was there a string to my love?  Did I do it out of love or to make them feel obligated to me?  Hmmmm.  But I also think takers, just takers, the kind that then stab you in the back and act like you are horrible, suck.  Oh, now I am rambling!

This post is a direct result to me having a migraine today!  A BAD one.  So I guess it rumbled up my brain cells a bit!

I hope to take pics of Kenny surfing tomorrow and will post them!


The Getty and other Ramblings

Today, I am going to The Getty Center in Los Angeles.  This is one of my FAVORITE places to go!  I LOVE the building (although, admittedly, I seem to get lost every time!), I love the gardens, and of course I love the ART!  I am partial to the Impressionists (Monet, Van Gogh, etc.), the traditional ones (well, can’t remember the name for them) (Rembrandt, etc.), and am excited to see the special exhibits out now.  I have met a few people who have expressed their disdain for museums – that those who go there are snobbish or something.  Or that museums are boring.  Well, to Kate in North Dakota who has never met me (and other readers who I haven’t called out to find out who you are) I am NOT a snob!  I am one of those cool anomalies that also happens to like art.  And my modesty is my best feature!  LOL  And, in my opinion, museums are NOT boring and I wish I had days to spend there to see everything.

The other day Rona and I went to see the movie WANTED with James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie.  I have not really been a big Angelina fan – I think I chose Jennifer Anniston’s side when the whole divorce thing happened and, well, the Billy Bob years were weird.  However, seeing this picture made me realize that 1) she is freaking gorgeous and, 2) she is a pretty good actor!  And of course, James is freaking cute too and has a nice body for a little guy!

Okay, I must now get ready for The Getty!  Oh wow, that rhymes!

Gina says ADIOS!