Quotes of the Week

They are back and on track!

Conversation online with Deana:
G: yeah, but it has a nice dramatic ring to it
D: and you are so not dramatic – strange

“The Reward for a Job Well Done is Having Done It.” Anonymous (or forgotten who said this), repeated by Deana, who randomly pays her kids allowance for chores so they don’t expect to get paid for everything.

“I’m working on my five year plan. I just need to choose a font.” As heard on TV by Deana

“People who steal suck.” Gina, the day her iPod was stolen

“I would lick his sweat.” Either Stephanie P or Gina at the Justin Timberlake concert

“Are you going to use your strap on?” Mary to her daughter Victoria, who was referring to the strap on baby carrier.

“Don’t ever say that to me again” Victoria, to her mother Mary, as she put on the baby carrier.

“Ouch!” Gina, after Liz hit her several times in the arm

“You shut your mouth!” the worse cussing I’ve heard Liz say….okay, so I provoked her a little.

“God Bless America!” another unique and colorful pseudo cuss phrase from Rona

“Buy the iPhone” Heather, who is not completely objective in her suggestion

Danielle: Do you remember the name of David’s General in the Old Tetament?
Kurt: It’s in the Bible

“I am here just for Stephanie and Gina – I love them.” Justin Timberlake while performing at the Staples Center. Um, or maybe I was dreaming.

That’s all I have this week – sorry if I missed you but there’s always next week!

A Good Cause…..


A good friend of mine – Sonya – will be in the AIDS Walk San Diego this weekend and would love any donations you might be able to give. Check out her message and link below and THANKS for reading!

Hi guys!
I’ll be participating in the AIDS Walk San Diego again this year and any donations would be greatly appreciated. It’s for a great cause so please visit my donation page. Better yet, if you want to join our team and participate in the walk, we’d love to have you!!! It will be held at Balboa Park on Sunday Sept. 30th. (Sorry for the late notice.) Thank you!


A Pain in the Neck

So yeah, my neck hurts. Is it my dumb smooshed disc? Is it stress? Is it the love seat I slept on the other night? Maybe a combination of the three, but at least I can see my chiropractor tonight at 5pm.

Theme for the week:

suck it up : to make the effort required to do or deal with something difficult or unpleasant

Yeah, not gonna elaborate on that one! But suffice it say, sometimes in this life you just gotta “suck it up”. Not everything in my life brings this, and I learned in Acts and Romans that sometimes sucky things really bring us closer to God. So, in that respect I am thankful. I am also thankful for my friends who are helping me out during this tough time of transition and what I refer to lovingly as “purgatory”. I am thankful for the home I have in the mean time and the laughter I am able to feel. It makes it easier for me to “suck up” the rest.

I got a package of letters and drawings from Texas yesterday and it was AWESOME!

A Lot about Nothing

No real comment about the pic, other than I miss everyone in Texas! I am visiting this weekend, however, so that is good! Woohoo!

Okay – update on Romans…..I have about 80 questions left and time is ticking! I have my last Acts class tonight so won’t have much time there to do it for those four hours! But I WILL MAKE IT!

Job Class – it is finished just waiting for the final grade. YES!

Work – need to find a job in Texas and it’s kind of bumming me out. There have been changes at my present work that are good, but they also make me sad. Hard to explain…..

Spent the night at Mom’s after having done my laundry – Gina is a little sore from sleeping on the love seat but happy to have clean clothes!

Jerry is moving to Texas today or tomorrow. I have moved in with a friend so that I don’t have to stay in that big house all by myself! I will check it out on the weekends.

I am still sad about my iPod but am amazed that I haven’t done anything radical, like buy an iPhone or new iPod! It helps that I will be visiting Texas this weekend and Deana will be giving me hers. But seriously, I usually don’t need much coaxing to buy new technology! SORRY HEATHER!!!!

Yesterday at work I was speaking to a CPA for a ministry I was working with. I shared my name and the man said, “You mean like the Jena Six?” Oh my word, how do you reply to that?????

Even better, Liz was talking to another ministry and was told that the delay in providing info was because the Pastor had had a colonoscopy! And that “he has had issues” or some sort of comment! TMI people!

On that note, I feel compelled to share that Liz has a very hot husband, who is obviously so very fortunate to marry such a wonderful woman! Jim U. begs her to annul the marriage and marry his son…..

Well, that’s all I got right now……must get ready for work! Tell me, why am I so unmotivated all of a sudden???? Not sure. But Gina doesn’t want to get ready for work.

And that, my friends, is a lot about nothing.

No Quotes yet….or maybe not this week

Well sorry peeps! My schedule is a little whacked this week and, well, truth be known I am kind of in a sadness mode today. Here is why…..well, let me set it up for you.

Yesterday I was very, very tired! After two nights of not much sleep, I ended up being kind of in a fog by the time I left work. I needed to go to the store though, so on the way home I stopped. When in the parking lot, I said “Okay, I can’t leave my iPod out”. I put it in the center holder of the car (why not my purse, not sure). I also did NOT put away the iPod adapter cord that I usually hide. I go into the store for about 10 minutes tops.

I come back, put my groceries in the back, and get in the car. When I opened my door it felt weird, like it was not closed all the way. A thought popped in my head and I look in the center holder…..no iPod!

I will spare the frantic searching details at this point. Who knows if they grocery workers who were taking a break outside when I arrived saw me and my iPod and took advantage of my stupidity. Who knows if I left my freaking car unlocked because I was so tired (there was no damage to the car). THANK GOD my backpack with my beloved Mac was not taken from the back of the car!!! (That is a huge positive). Freak.

So, my beautiful iPod with its 4,000+ songs has been taken from me. I feel violated and stupid/foolish mostly. I NEVER leave it in the car and this was not a good time to start. But anyway, I am sad. Deana said that I can have hers which is nice, but I am still sad. Sigh.

People who steal suck.

Quick Update about the Concert

Okay, just the short version for now:

~ Yes, Justin has definitely brought sexy back!

~ Justin dances and my heart skips a beat.

~ The concert itself was very entertaining, high energy, and worth every penny!

~ I got home last night at 2am and slept very late – 7am! I am a little tired and even cranky today, but again – it was worth it. I am very thankful to the Lord who got me home safely – there were many points in the drive that I cannot recall today!

~ Special thanks to Lauren who started this whole thing and Stephanie for making it happen – I will never be the same again! Seriously, I was in the same building as Justin!!!

~ No, Justin did NOT take his shirt off, although he DID lift it near the end of the show.

~ Special thanks to Lori for bringing in my favorite Starbucks coffee this morning, along with “Justin’s Favorite Fan” written on it! Kudos to Wanda for helping her remember my special mix!

~ Thanks to everyone who allowed me to recount the evening, especially Gina #1 who sometimes allows me to walk a bit on the naughty side (well, she only yells when I get REALLY naughty!)

Tonight, it’s homework and LOTS OF SLEEP!

Gina is Cranky

So Gina woke up this morning with a bit of an attitude. Here are some of Gina’s thoughts:

~ Gina is tired of getting up so early. She really would rather sleep.

~ Gina is tired of playing the stupid drums at work, which is why she has to get up so early, and doesn’t much appreciate it.

~ Gina is reminded that school is almost over, so she can go to bed earlier, so she really shouldn’t complain about the drums.

~ Gina counters by adding the above thought doesn’t really help her today, now does it?

~ Gina is frustrated that the coffee is not made and sits writing this blog, clicking the computer keys loudly, as the coffee brews.

~ Gina is staring at the clock on her computer, realizing it’s only presently 4:26 am and wonders what the hell happened since her alarm was set for 4:44 am. And she knows that really means she would snooze until about 5:25 am and the fact that she’s sitting waiting for the coffee instead really ticks her off.


~ Okay, Gina hears the coffee is done so things are looking up.

~ Gina now remembers that TONIGHT IS JUSTIN, and although she has the potential of being awake 20 hours straight, her heart races with excitement!!!!

~ Okay, Gina is trying to have a better attitude as she yawns, sips her coffee (THANK YOU GOD!) and fantasizes about Justin…..hoping he takes his shirt off during the concert.

~ 4:26 am…….damn!

~ Gina says to all, hope you have a great day!