Let’s scream "Calgon, take me away!"

I am so happy right now, I want to jump! LOL, well, not that happy, but enough to write a blog I guess! You see, when I got home from work yesterday I checked out the mail. First of all I received a letter from Barstow College where I have completed three online classes. My GPA there is 4.0 so I’ve made the Dean’s list! Woohoo! I could even join their “Greek Letter” club, but it costs $15 so I said forget it. But, it’s good for the ego!

Then, I almost threw out a letter from Calgon, but I saw that it had my name and not “Current Resident”, so I opened it. I am fortunate that I did! I had applied for a scholarship several months ago and apparently I have made the initial cut! So now I have to submit additional information to see if I am one of three winners. Woohoo! I don’t know if I will make it, but I am stoked that I have this opportunity, especially since in about a year my student loans are gonna kick in and then I will be saying, “OUCH!”. So I am pretty happy.

Today I have been very productive – cleaned the house some, straightened my office, did homework, and worked on a video project. I feel as though I deserve a few minutes to eat sunflower seeds, sip some water, and write a blog post! Yes!

Now, my day is complete!

Okay, don’t worry TOO much!

For the 2.685 readers out there, I was able to figure out the overlap problem with my major class and speech class. I switched my major class to the Inglewood campus and will begin classes on 5/15 (my bro’s birthday!), finishing on 6/12. THEN, my speech class can start on 7/9 no problem.

While Inglewood is a drive for sure, at least I can get this class done and not have to push my graduation out to May 2008! There’s something about graduating and turning 40 that has the word PARTY around it, so December is much better for me! 😉

Please do pray for me though – my crazy schedule, while self-imposed for sure, is going to be tough on me through August!

Love to all (except maybe Deana, she was mean to Steph today so I have to pray about that).


This is how I look today after juggling my new school schedule. You see, due to Russia I had to drop two classes; Speech and a major course. I had planned on making up the major course beginning in July, but realized I also needed to take my Speech class in summer so that I can still graduate in December. If you don’t know, summer classes are very condensed, so I will need to go to school for 3 hours a day, four days a week – that doesn’t leave room for my major course!

SO! Today, I switched my major course to take place in Laguna Hills from 6/11-7/9 and will enroll in my Speech class to run from 7/9-8/14. Except JUST NOW I see the overlap of the last and first day of these classes so I am freaking out again! So this post is short because I need to see about another speech class. Sigh.

While my GE classes will all be ending by June, I still have three Bible classes that also need to be done! I am currenly enrolled in Romans, but still need another plus ACTS, the latter of which must be taken at Biola.

I really thought things would be settling down after June, but that is surely not the case! Just gotta get my eyes fixed on December…….

My Beloved Dog

It is with sadness that I am posting that my beloved dog, Tex, is being given to Deana’s brother Manuel today. Because of my irrational, harrassing neighbors I have to choose between keeping Tex in the kennel all day or giving him away so he can be a dog. You see, my neighbor NEVER wants him to bark and apparently the 3 or 4 times he barks during DAYTIME hours is too much to handle for them. I also am tired of the neighbors yelling at my kids and scaring them.
So, today I no longer have a dog. I am happy that he will now have fun, be able to bark, and be loved. But I am going to miss him for sure.

Delayed update from the Gina

I tried to post yesterday, but due to technical difficulties, my beautifully written words were lost and the post is in blog heaven! So today, I will try again!

Let’s see, where to begin!

  • Drama – Deana sometimes asks me why I post some of my innermost feelings on a public venue. Well, I guess it’s therapeutic in a way. More so are the prayers that were lifted up in my behalf, which I have felt and appreciated! The “drama” of my heart being broken has been PARTIALLY resolved. I feel much better moving forward and the pain I experienced has diminished significantly.
  • Kenny – On Tuesday night I had an awesome time with my son. We were doing our devotions (called “devos” in my house) and he was getting all excited because he was looking forward to telling some of his friends at school what he had learned (we were finishing up Exodus and apparently the school had been covering some Jewish beliefs recently). Further, he randomly asked, “Hey Mom, if the devil ruled on the earth, you know how that is gonna happen, would you bow to him?” I told him no and said I might be scared of what would happen to me, but that even if I died I would rather die and be with the Lord then never see the Lord and live. He went on to say, “I wouldn’t be scared, because either Jesus would protect me and I wouldn’t be hurt, or I would die and be with Him. So I guess I win either way.” I was so happy at that moment and totally blessed. And, of course, the timing was perfect!
  • Josh – He is a real swimmer now, no jackets or floaties or anything! He even swam all the way across the pool without stopping! I am so proud of him. He even tried diving, which amounted to being more like belly flops, but for being a little hesitant to take chances he has really blossomed (and he STILL loves to read for fun like his MOM!)
  • Zack and Sophia – they are adjusting to their new lives amazingly well. Every day when I come home from work I hear Zack screaming, “Gina, spateneetzia!” (Gina, look!) and he shows me all the things he has done during the day (or flips into the pool, or dances before jumping in the pool or you name it!). Sophia follows me around, calling my name, and otherwise wrestling with me.
  • Deana – is doing well being a mom…..so well, she is even better at bossing ME around! LOL Just kidding. She is very happy.
  • Stephanie – she is a wonderful nanny and I love her.

Okay, that is it for now!