The Getty and other Ramblings

Today, I am going to The Getty Center in Los Angeles.  This is one of my FAVORITE places to go!  I LOVE the building (although, admittedly, I seem to get lost every time!), I love the gardens, and of course I love the ART!  I am partial to the Impressionists (Monet, Van Gogh, etc.), the traditional ones (well, can’t remember the name for them) (Rembrandt, etc.), and am excited to see the special exhibits out now.  I have met a few people who have expressed their disdain for museums – that those who go there are snobbish or something.  Or that museums are boring.  Well, to Kate in North Dakota who has never met me (and other readers who I haven’t called out to find out who you are) I am NOT a snob!  I am one of those cool anomalies that also happens to like art.  And my modesty is my best feature!  LOL  And, in my opinion, museums are NOT boring and I wish I had days to spend there to see everything.

The other day Rona and I went to see the movie WANTED with James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie.  I have not really been a big Angelina fan – I think I chose Jennifer Anniston’s side when the whole divorce thing happened and, well, the Billy Bob years were weird.  However, seeing this picture made me realize that 1) she is freaking gorgeous and, 2) she is a pretty good actor!  And of course, James is freaking cute too and has a nice body for a little guy!

Okay, I must now get ready for The Getty!  Oh wow, that rhymes!

Gina says ADIOS!

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