Empower the Victim

Disclaimer: any threats submitted by Nancy Goens to this site will be immediately forwarded to the authorities. Thank you.

A few months ago I received the following comments from a reader of this site:

“Thank you so much for this blog, you saved me future damage from Nancy because I found your comments.  She had already done damage, but because my gut concern was confirmed here, I was able to remove her from doing more.  Please keep up the good work so that others can be protected, too.”

Here is an older one (edited version):

“I have been talking to Nancy online for several weeks…..too many parallels to your story so I am glad to be saved from “one dinner” and having more issues!” 

So, this blog as it concerns Nancy Goens is a public service……over two dozen people who have had brief interactions or who have been seriously taken by Nancy have personally reached out and thanked me for this site.  And whether anyone thinks they are my OPINIONS of Nancy or otherwise that I have a fixation, they may be right.  My opinion of Nancy is poor, but my goal is to to protect my fellow Americans from her.  THAT is what drives me.  You can accept my opinions of her or not – call me biased, deranged, or whatever – but the facts speak for themselves.

I obtained the following PUBLIC information from http://courtindex.sdcourt.ca.gov/CISPublic/namesearch – Nancy has listings under CIVIL as well as CRIMINAL types for NORTH COUNTY and also CRIMINAL under SAN DIEGO.

North County Civil (1997) – http://courtindex.sdcourt.ca.gov/CISPublic/casedetail?casenum=N75080&casesite=NC&applcode=C

North County Civil (2005) – http://courtindex.sdcourt.ca.gov/CISPublic/casedetail?casenum=SN035511&casesite=NC&applcode=C

North County Criminal (2012 – the one I have most recently talked about, though the incarceration link no longer works you’ve probably read the email I received when she was released) – http://courtindex.sdcourt.ca.gov/CISPublic/casedetailr?casenum=SCN313278&casesite=NC&applcode=R

San Diego Criminal (2003) – http://courtindex.sdcourt.ca.gov/CISPublic/casedetailr?casenum=SCD177906&casesite=SD&applcode=R

So, if you think I have an ax to grind, I do.  Because I fell for her delightful charisma and great personality, not once BUT TWICE.  And my family suffered very much under that huge mistake on my part and I will do WHATEVER I CAN to make sure others are not as gullible and easily duped by this mastermind of mind games and lies.  Because the sad truth is, she caused havoc to people before me, continued and did worse to people after me, and probably will do it again.  SHE HAS A GREAT PERSONALITY BUT DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU.  Let the records speak for her true character more than any words I can post here. 

And I quote the following from a detective that is familiar with Nancy “several victims stated Nancy was so nice to them, they never suspected she would victimize them.”  My prayer is that if you’re reading this, you will not fall into any trap laid out by Nancy.


A Blatant Plug

So this is my daughter.  I love her.  And I love her voice.  Now, while that may not surprise you, since I AM her mother and all, but this is actually very good!  She is singing into her COMPUTER; no mic, no effect, and in fact she’s practicing.  But she rocks.

Nancy Goens Update – No Longer in Custody

FYI she has been released from jail and is on probation.  She pleaded guilty to the felony charges she faced and if she violates them in any form, she will return to jail for a few years.  If you meet Nancy, please be aware that she has been accused and pleaded guilty to forgery, elderly theft, and more.  While she may stay on the straight and narrow, you deserve to know this.  And she is also very charismatic and will seem very convincing that she really didn’t do anything wrong.  But the truth is, she is a professional con artist.  BEWARE.

Here is the email notification I received concerning Nancy:


This e-mail is to inform you that NANCY GOENS has been released from custody as of 2/27/2013.  As a result, you will no longer receive email notifications concerning this offender under your current registration with VINE.  If you have any concerns about your immediate safety, contact your local law enforcement agency, or if you have an emergency, call 911.

For more information, contact the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office.  The telephone number is (619)531-3200.

This notification is sponsored by the California State VINE Service.  It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

Thank you,