Delayed posts…..

….are not always worth the wait!

While this picture was not taken this week, it’s a great representation of how I often felt! And sorry for keeping all my 2.74 readers bored from lack of posts…..I didn’t have internet access except at work and, well, work has been crazy! But things are getting back to normal and I don’t have much to do this weekend so we should be good to go!

So, yeah, some highlights of my week:

~ Getting a call from Kirstie telling me her car had been stolen and probably with her own keys because they were missing. Yes, it was stolen from her own driveway! But the drama didn’t end there…..her Dad refused to call the police because he felt the insurance wouldn’t cover it because the keys were missing. Even more drama was involved, especially after I found out the car had a LOJACK….but anyway, the car was recovered later that day (yes, thank you LoJack!) It has some damage – nothing major like ripped out or anything – but it will still take about 3 weeks to repair.

~ Did I mention work is crazy? Yes, it is very crazy but there were some highlights for sure. Liz, Ryan, and Bev totally cracked me up this week!

~ Ryan….does that name sound familiar? I had made fun of him a while back because he is Mr. First Alert who reprimanded me for mentioning 911 in a non-emergency situation. Do you remember that? He used to be in Finance & Accounting but recently transfered to our department. And you know what? He is so very cool and very funny and I can’t even believe how much he fits in with “our row” at work! He is hilarious…..

Okay, well, as I noted at the begging of this post, this wasn’t much after such a long wait. Sorry about that! But I am tired (did I mention it’s crazy at work?) and need to go to bed! Lady is not here to keep me company so I am SOLO! Whoa is me!

Gina out

Inquiring Minds Want To Know…..

….and other things I convince myself in order to do what I want! After all, I’ve been known to be self-centered. LOL

Special belated shout out to Liz B, who had a birthday the day BEFORE Thanksgiving!

There aren’t many shopping days left for my 40th Birthday/Graduation! LOL So here is the list that “Inquiring Minds” wanted……there is no particular order to this!

• Final Cut Express 4.0 Software (for Mac….of course!)
• Steel string acoustic guitar (narrow neck if possible but cheap is cool)
• Leopard Mac Operating System upgrade
• Gift Cards for iTunes
• Harry Potter book series, or any part thereof AFTER book 3
• The new Amazon Kindle eBook reading device. I mean, seriously, I think this was made for ME! The newest technology, the ability to hold 200 books, and it reads like a piece of paper! Freaking amazing!
• Video8 digital converter (so I can convert them to my Mac computer)
• Apple Airport Express
• Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station
• Apple TV 160GB
• Borders gift cards
• Motorcycle riding lessons
• Starbucks gift cards
• Skydiving jump (tandem, of course!)

High ticket items (you know, it’s good to dream….)

• Mac Pro custom designed by Gina Minard
• Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder
• Final Cut Pro Software
• Roland V-Drum Pro Series, in red
• Trip to London

Okay, well, yeah! Someone told me my list was boring, and well…..lame! But I think it’s beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a WONDERFUL day!

Special shout out to Sandy, who also had her birthday today – happy birthday girl!

Some interesting thoughts concerning my first Thanksgiving in Texas:

~ We ate out this year – I think my first time ever – and it’s got its pros…….like no dishes to clean!!! It was an overall fun experience.

~ Texas in late November is C O L D!!!!! High today…..45 degrees! Gina was very cold.

~ We also saw a movie together – Enchanted – which, on a side note, I highly recommend! Anyway, this is a fun tradition that lived on in Texas. The only disconcerting feeling was when I noticed every restroom had a sign that stated “tornado shelter”. Tornado shelter?!?!!?!!? The movies twister came to mind….was that in Texas?????

~ The kids are ADORABLE! Each and every one of them. Kenny has grown up, Josh is taller and was focusing on how to spell Minard, Zack wanted and did show me how he could climb Uncle Jerry’s tree, and Sophia is still very proficient at talking!

~ My flight was entertaining – I sat next to a tall, very attractive woman who I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that she was a model. However, I came to learn that she is about to graduate from medical school and become an MD! She was very sweet, is a Christian. We had a nice visit, although I REALLY needed to sleep on the plane……

~ So, I am tired now! Getting up at 3am to leave was a bit tough. In face, I was very fortunate; I had set my alarm for 2:30am but it didn’t go off. I kind of woke up and decided to check the time……realizing it was 3am… that could have been bad! But I got to the airport in time, really didn’t have any issues (although am thankful I reserved my parking space!).

Overall, this has been a good Thanksgiving!

What, a positive post?!?!!?!?!?!!?!

Blogs are cool because you can share feelings, and darn it – I have happy ones too!

Just some highlights from the last few days…..

~ Got a call from my daughter – she was accepted to Cal State University Fullerton with distinction. This was her first choice, so she is very excited. As for me, I am getting used to the idea of having a child in college!

~ I was informed by Biola that I have been inducted into the Iota Alpha Chapter of the
Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society. This totally makes up for missing high honors by .005 grade points! LOL

~ I was able to work with Taylor University to resolve my delay in obtaining my final grade for my Romans class, which ultimately could have meant I would not be graduating this December. Taylor was very kind and was able to send a special letter to Biola so now I am officially good to go!

~ I was able to find 3rd row seats for my Yukon….you may remember that they were stolen a few months ago. To make things more complicated, I have not been able to find a dealership that had the seats as they told me they could only order for years 2006 and forward. So thank goodness for eBay! LOL. Yeah, they are probably stolen too but I guess I don’t know that for sure! And the OTHER great thing about this is the cost, with delivery, was $750 and my insurance check was $752. How cool is that???? UPDATED INFO: the company selling the chairs contact me….they are about 30 minutes from Deana! So she is going to pick them up and save the $75 shipping fee! So WOOHOO!

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am happy that I will be with my family in Texas. I have tons of things to be thankful for, but for right now I need to get ready for work because I need to be there early to play the drums! So I may post more thanksgiving items later!


Word to the Wise

Here are some truths:

~ Openness is overrated.

~ Sharing your feelings causes more pain and anguish than it’s worth.

~ One of you who are reading this will understand what I am referring to and will be mad that I posted this blog. But I don’t care.

~ I, for one, am going back to keeping my feelings to myself.

~ If you do NOT know what this is about, please don’t ask.

Gina is out, and is not very wise.

Last days of the 30’s

As you may or may not know, I will be turning 40 in a few weeks. Wow, hard to imagine! I remember as a kids counting down milestones……”when I am 12″, “when I am 16″…..that sort of thing. I even would say, “in the year 2000…..”

Well, I never really counted down to the big 4-0…..and yet, here it comes.

So I am sitting here on one of my last Sunday’s as a “thirty-something”, with the following dilemmas:

1. Having thrown out my neck earlier in the week due to sneezing, I am dealing with pain STILL even after having been adjusted twice by my chiropractor AND having a massage.

2. I totally threw out my lower back lifting a chair when I was visiting Mary in the hospital yesterday. Now, I look about 90 when I stand up as I can’t move…..sheesh.

3. I am so overweight and it really pisses me off.

4. Damn, I have wrinkles too!

Ah, the joys of getting old! How will I be in ten years?????

Heartburn and Hair balls

Yep, it’s 12:45 in Texas and I am up typing this blog because of HEARTBURN! I hate heartburn and yet it’s been taunting me all day. Laying down makes it worse, which sucks since I am very tired right now. And my cat, God love her, is hacking up a hair ball right now – perhaps it is sympathy for my condition or maybe not.

Maybe it’s the heartburn, but I feel really sad right now. Can’t put my finger on why really – I just feel it through every part of me…..a sadness that is unexplainable. And a sadness that is even painful. But again, maybe it’s my heartburn affecting the rest of me.

So, here’s to another post that really doesn’t mean ANYTHING!

Quotes of the Week

This week may be harder for me (as was last week) because I didn’t update my log when things happened…..and you know my memory is NOT what it used to me!

“There’s always some damn lining on a cloud somewhere…..” Rona, after getting a flat tire.

“Girlfriend…I was born ready to PARTY!!!” Stephanie P.

“I am not intimidated by you…’re a girl!” Jim U.

Interchange with Sophia and Deana:
S: Mom, we forgot Gina!
D: Sweetie, we took her to the airport, she’s in California now.
S: She’s in California?
D: Yes, sweetie.
S: I beat her up!

Interchange with Sophia and Gina via phone:
G: Good morning Sophia
S: Good morning. You buying money?
G: Am I buying money?
S: Yes, you in California to buy money for my Mama?
G: Yes, I am in California buying money for YOU!
S: Good, because I want my Dora house.

“Since I owe you a true welcome, I will bring your favorite Starbucks in tomorrow!” Lori W. (and she did! yummy!)

Liz, after an evil interchange with me where we insulted each other quite well, explains to the new Sales staff, “We actually like each other.” I think my mentoring of her is almost complete! Sniff sniff.

Interchange with my family in Processing: Wanda, Rosie, and Katie:
G: Hey Wanda, do you have any change? I am starving.
W: Mi vida, I have some food….oatmeal, peanut butter crackers, peanuts…..
R: You’re hungry? I have a cup of soup if you want it?
K: I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
I so felt the love and ended up with the soup, crackers, and peanuts after which I noticed there was a ton of free food in the galley anyway, LOL.

“Today is the day!” Deana, who is flying out TONIGHT!

“I am glad you called, Mom!” Kirstie, who I dialed on accident LOL. But we had a nice conversation.

“Lori, Rona, Deana…..where is my name?” Wanda, to whom I explained I was COMPLAINING in by post about them and – as such – could NOT include her name!

“Geen, buy me a computer.” Heather

“Geen get in your car and come to work I mees you!” Text from Liz that I received when I turned on my phone as my plane taxied to the gate in Ontario. She meant to – and accomplished – the Sophia tone perfectly.

Okay, I best start getting ready for work now! Have a great day!