So does this sound like me?

You are a highly spontaneous person who always likes to try new things. Novel and unpredictable situations don’t bother you; instead you find them challenging and exciting.

You tend to be focused and resourceful and you are able to juggle a lot of projects at the same time; as a result you are sometimes a whirlwind of activity.

You have a firm grip on reality and enjoy living in the present tense. But you have a keen imagination that enables you to lift off from time and space to be remarkably creative.

You are humorous. You are able to laugh at yourself, and you like entertaining others.

You have a deep sense of compassion. You can show genuine insight into the needs of others; you are good at listening and talking; and you express a genuine desire to be helpful.

Yet you are easy-going. Your tolerance for others and their beliefs, your lack of prejudice, your ability to compromise and your occasional antics make you popular with others and a great companion.


Proof that I am Italian…..(UPDATED)

…..and other reasons I am slapping my forehead! (NOT to diss my Italian relatives or heritage, but you’ll understand in a minute!)

Italians stereotypically have big tempers. I have manifested this trait once or twice in my lifetime. (Well, maybe more than that!) However, I have ALSO learned that doing so often messes things up or at least doesn’t really help the situation! Case in point, check out my knuckle after I decided to punch my steering wheel:

(UPDATE:  However, upon further reflection, I admit that perhaps this can’t entirely be blamed on my Italian temper!  My Dad, who is NOT Italian, once hit something and busted his hand open pretty bad.  So, I apologize to my Italian relatives who are currently calling Cousin Guido to help shut me up……..)

Fact 2: I noticed the problem today mostly because I NEED MY HANDS TO TALK!  (UPDATE:  This IS entirely an Italian trait…..)

Fact 3: I am very talented, beautiful, and intelligent……oh, and modest!

There you go, Gina out!

To My Best Friend

Justice may be fleeting, even non-existent in your life right now.  The pain you feel from the hands of others is horrible, and I seethe with righteous anger.  Yet, I know that the Lord is with you as the fruits of His spirit are truly evident in your life – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  As these are evidenced in all aspects of your life, who can truly believe the vile words placed against your character and love?  I ask you this – what fruits have your tormentors manifested?  I offer hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, and so much more.  So perhaps you should feel sorry for them, for they do not live with Christ as you do but dwell in their royal garb, presenting their self-professed holiness and separate themselves from those whom Christ loves.

Yet I know your pain is real.  Your tears are wet on your cheeks.  The purity in which you offered the talents that God has given you have been torn from you and shattered with abuse.  I know this, and I am so sorry.  I wish I could take away the pain, yet it surrounds you deeply.  I am sorry, I cry with you, and I pray for it to subside.

Yes, I love you, with the purity of sisters – as much as I love myself as guided by the Lord’s own words.  This love will not be tainted but the world’s filth or accusations of others.  THANK YOU for being a TRUE, HONORABLE, LOYAL, and CHRISTIAN friend to me and so many others.  I, for one, can’t imagine anyone as wonderful and real as you and I will never shy from this knowledge, for it is the truth.  I hope you believe me when I say more people acknowledge this truth than your tormentors, for the truth shines bright on a hill and cannot be hidden.  And the fruits of your tormentors will be seen for years to come as more lives and good names are tarnished with their filth and self-righteous sin.  Yet, even when it hurts so much to do so, we are called to love them even with their black hearts.  We cannot become like them, ever.

You are a wonderful friend, a better mother, and an amazing human being.  I rejoice that God created you!

American Idol Final Week….

Once again, I am writing this as the show airs……I am SO EXCITED!

Song 1

David C – omw I loved his rendition of the U2 song! He still hasn’t found what I was looking for, but I have found a new idol in DC (sorry Justin!)

David A – Elton John is one of my favorites, my friend says he “did more unique things with the song”. I think he did a great job, but maybe I am biased to DC. Dang it, Simon gave first round to DA and now my friend is texting me nanner nanner points! Dang!
2nd Song – neither song really jumped out at me, but I preferred DC’s rendition. DA’s just seemed boring to me. But yet again Simon overruled me! (Yep, still getting nanner nanner texts…..)

3rd Song – I am done saying the sang dang thing!

All I can say is, VOTE FOR DAVID C!

Why today is special….

Today is May 19th, a very special day. Why, you ask? Well here is some historical context for the day:

However, as compelling that is, the above is NOT why today is special! Today is my Dad’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

My Dad is pretty awesome! Of course I am not completely biased, but I HAVE known him for a long time! He is handsome, strong (physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually), kind, and loves deeply. He is my model in life – I can attribute so much to him, including my love for rock! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I am very proud of him and love him very much.

LOVE YOU DAD! I am so glad you’re mine!

Here is the pic you’ve been waiting for!

Tattoo number four! And, let me tell you, IT HURT! This is the first one I’ve gotten that has color and COLOR HURTS! Mostly because it touches areas that have already been tattooed by outline so it’s especially tender (or, in my own words, RAW!). But I love it!

This is a Mother’s Day Present to myself:


My stats are not that great, but Syesha is really gone!

So, I know I called Syesha out many times, but at least this week I was right! The finals will face off between the Davids! Of course, I am hoping David C wins, who has been my favorite from the beginning. I might have to vote several times for the bugger next week!

Okay, so that’s my update about American Idol.

Yesterday I had another special one-on-one day with Kenny. Josh was seeing Speed Racer for the second time with his grandma, and Kenny wanted to be with me instead. (Ah, sweet boy!) So we hung out, did some shopping, watched some TV……it was nice. I really love that kid! We connect on a level that’s hard to explain – he is very advanced emotionally and we are both very, very goofy together.

On a side note, today I am getting a new tattoo. I will NOT tell you what it is, but will post a picture later today or tomorrow. Dun dun dun!

Also, today is my little brother’s birthday! David is now 38, which is freaking funny because I still call him my little brother! LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! I LOVE YOU!

Okay, that’s all I got right now. Gina out.