Okay, had to post these…..

You may be wondering why I am defending the right of AMERICAN CITIZENS, CONSENTING ADULTS, to choose to formalize their love in the legal and societal structure known as marriage.  While I know many people have already covered much ground in the argument, using the Bible, traditions, moral codes, and what not, here are the main reasons why I am voting NO on Tuesday:

  • Discrimination under the guise of anything is not cool.  Not that long ago in our country, as noted in the first video, interracial marriage was illegal.  Unfortunately, many Christians and their churches used the Bible to propagate this opinion.  It wasn’t cool then and it’s not cool now.  Whether you aree with the homosexual lifestyle or not is not relevant.  I don’t want to argue whether homosexuals are committing sin or not, but even if they ARE, they join all of the rest of humanity who are tainted by their own sin.
  • In my opinion, the following have a bigger impact on ending “tradition marriage”, much more than homosexuals marrying.  Divorce, adultery, spousal abuse, common law situation, and the like.  Yet many of these do not cause people to stand on the corners and fight so vehemently.
  • I have seen lots of Pro 8 people on corners as well as heard from my daughter about those storming around her college campus.  Signs like, “you are children of satan” and “gays go to hell” are not cool.  Nice form of using your rights to free speech to spew out hate.  Not cool.  Funny, I can’t say I saw any of the Con 8 protesters show so much discontent but promoted love.
  • I am a lesbian.  This fact might cause some of my readers to be so angry that they will leave and maybe despise me.  Believe me, I have already lost many, many “friends” who heard RUMORS that I was a lesbian.  In fact, if I run into people I used to work with I often am shunned or down right treated badly.  So whatever.  I am done playing the game of not being honest.  If you need to go, I respect that and I am cool with it even – I am all for people doing what they need to in order to be true to themselves.  And I am not about to get married and I yet would have voted against 8 even if I wasn’t a lesbian, because it is not my job to judge others.  Someday, however, if God blesses me with love, I hope to be able to marry.
  • And for those who are “in the know”, I did not lose my job at ECCU because I am a lesbian.
  • I want to add, Rona is not a lesbian so the rumor about that can end here.  Not that anyone who reads my blog are the people who perpetuate this.

Results of my Statistics Survey

Thanks to everyone who replied – you really saved me!

RESULTS for my field work:

Here are the questions I asked:

Do you donate blood? (Yes/No)
If so, how often? (<1x a year, 1x a year, >1x a year)
If not, why? (It hurts/I don’t like needles/Blood freaks me out/No Reason)
Are you aware of the requirements for donating to babies? (Yes/No)
If you knew, would that change your mind regarding donating? (Yes/No)

I asked 30 people these questions, of which 6 were male and 24 were female, the majority of whom were 36 years or older.

67% of respondents answered they do NOT donate blood. The reason was 80% “Other”, and all of those respondents elaborated that there were health reasons that caused them to not be able to donate. The other 20% of the respondents who answered no equally stated that they do not like needles or that it hurt too much.

Of those who DO donate blood, 40% donate <1 time a year, 40% donate once a year, and 20% donate multiple times a year.

80% of the respondents had no clue that there were special requirements for donating to babies, let alone what those requirements are.

I confirmed this information – most of the population has CMV, a common viral pathogen found in all population groups. Nearly all CMV infected people are asymtomatic. It causes few problems for healthy individuals. But in newborns and immunocompromised individuals, it may produce a variety of disease processes. To donate to these groups, you must not carry this virus……and only about 15% of the population does not carry it.

Since the majority of the respondents could not donate due to health reasons, knowing the requirements didn’t make a difference in their desire or ability to donate blood. Therefore, 67% said knowing would not make a different. 20% said this information would change their mind, including some individuals who currently donate – they shared they would be willing to donate more often if they knew their blood was being used to help babies. However, at this point I realized that, even knowing this information, they have a high likelihood of being CMV Positive, so their blood would not be given to babies.

This field work was interesting, in that is quantified many of the things I have felt existed for some time. Hearing specifics and analyzing them was very interesting. I also realized most women, at least in my case, were more willing to respond to me, let alone answer my questions. I also found that my questions could have been much more valuable in nature – I am not sure asking the questions about the babies gleaned as much information as I had hoped. I am not sure the data I collected helped me to suggest what changes could be made to encourage people to donate as most who do not, can’t.

Need your help FAST!

Okay peeps, you might remember I am in a Statistics class in my MBA program!  And, well, Gina waited a bit too long to begin asking people me survey questions and, thus far, my sample is kind of small.  So if you could PLEASE answer the following questions asap, that would totally help me out!

Do you give blood?    Yes    No
If so, how often?    < 1x a year    1 time a year    > 1x a year
If not, why?    It hurts    I don’t like needles    Blood freaks me out    No reason
Are you aware of the requirements for donating to babies?    Yes    No
If you knew, would that change your mind regarding donating?    Yes    No

Demographic Information
Gender    Male    Female
Age    <20    21-35    36-49    >49

Please email your responses to gmdimples33@yahoo.com.

Thanks so much!  Some of you may receive an email from me so sorry if this is duplicated!


Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a BLAST!  It included a fun Friday with friends, a decadent massage on Saturday, a birthday celebration for Edgar’s birthday on Saturday, and skateboarding on Sunday.  Let me describe this all in more detail for you!

Friday my friend Rita as well as Rona hung out and we shared some delicious wine that Rita had recently gotten on her trip through Napa Valley.  Those of you who know me know that I LOVE wine, so this was a very special treat for all of us!

Saturday I had the most amazing massage – the best I have had in the last 2 or 3 times!  It was SO GOOD!  What is funny is that when the woman massage chick called me, she was TINY and very shy…..my first reaction was, “This is gonna suck!”  but she turned out to be VERY good!  Yeah for Gina!

Then it was rushing back to Edgar’s house, where we celebrated his upcoming 47th Birthday.  My Dad and Ellie were there, so it was a great time.  Here are some pics!

Then Kenny told me we “all were going to the Van Skate Park” on Sunday!

Sunday Kenny became a member of the Van Skate Park near our house, along with his friend Ashley.  Edgar took them there and I was going to meet them – I took my bike as it had been in the shop for the past week and I missed it!  The first problem occurred when I realized the offramp I was used to no longer existed!  So I totally got lost, driving around for about 15 minutes looking for the dang mall.  Then I remembered – my phone has GPS!  So I pulled over, got the directions, and got there post haste.

When I finally parked, I tossed my keys into the back cart and immediately said to myself, “That’s probably not a good idea, Gina!  You could lock your keys in there!”  At which point I silently thought back to myself, “Seriously, do you think I would be so stupid?”  So I take off my gloves, my helmet, grab my keys, close the cab, and start walking.  Then I realize I forgot to take off my Adidas jacket and turned around to go back.  That’s when I looked at my keys and realized I had grabbed my CAR keys……the MOTORCYCLE keys were locked inside!

WHAT TO DO?!?!!?!!?

I will not share the thoughts that went through my mind at that point!

Don’t worry, I pride open the cab just enough to get the keys out without causing too much damage.  It IS a big looser and I realized how not secure it is, but I am relieved that I got out of this pickle!

Kenny did an AWESOME job at the skate park and totally rocked the house!

There was more here and there, but these were the exciting happenings for the weekend!  Hope y’all are doing well!

Oh, and I LOVE my new job!

Sorry for being “blacked out”

So I haven’t updated this blog for a few days – sorry!  Let me try to get you up-to-date:

  • Sea World was FUN!  It was a bit of a cold day at first so we stayed dry…..but then it warmed up and we got silly……so silly we thought we could sit up close at the dolphin show.  I mean really, how much splashing can they do?????  Yeah, we were wrong……especially since they use their tails specifically to splash the crowd and yeah…..a dolphin was right in front of us!  We had great fun though!
  • The new job ROCKS!  It is surreal because it has been 10 years since I’ve worked there so things are foggy and “new”, but at the same time I remember enough that it is freaky to be back (in a good way).  I found some documents I had created or worked on…..yeah, weird.  On my first day I was given my old ruler….LOL!  I am kind of anal about rules; they have to be metal with cork.  It had my name on it – and what appears to be Kirstie’s writing for my last name and she was little.  It was cool.
  • School is going well.  The new job has made doing homework MUCH better as the commute is way better.  I ALMOST like statistics, but not quite.
  • Shoulder still sucks but I am trying to ignore it.

Okay, hope that helps my 2.78 readers out!

Ditch Day

Quick post – I decided to let the boys ditch school and we are taking advantage of my last day off from work and going to SEA WORLD!  Yeah!

We are at a hotel right now about to take off.  It will be great fun will write more later!

I am SO HAPPY!!!!

Okay, I didn’t want to mention anything sooner, but you HAVE heard that I don’t really like the job that I received at Gretchen Fox.  The drive alone is enough to turn me into Queen Cranky!  But there are real issues with the way they do business – like they want to dock salary peeps if they leave early or lied to me as they don’t offer benefits.

ANYWAY, going back during the summer, I had contacted a company I had worked for 10 years ago.  At the time they no longer needed to fill the Accounting/Office Manager position so I said thanks and let me know.

Well, last Friday, after ending another HORRIBLE week at work, but reminding myself that I am very fortunate to even have a job with this economy, I checked my email.  Bam, there was an email from Corey, a partner from the firm.  He was seeing if I was still interested because things had changed.  It was late, but I replied to his email stating I was still in the market!  Well, he and I met yesterday (Tuesday) and we got each other up to speed on the last 10 years – both professionally and personally.  He was excited to bring me back, but wanted to make sure his partner, Son, was cool as well.  He promised to call me today.

Today was LONG as I waited for his call.  After 4pm I thought maybe he had lost my number and called, but he was unavailable.  He finally called me at about 5:20 and asked, “Why were you calling again?”  I called him a butthead, but to the point I start Monday!  I am SO excited and here is why:

  • This job is in Tustin – aka CLOSE TO HOME.  No more 70 mile one way commute!
  • This job pays WAY better
  • Many of the procedures that were in place when I was the Accounting Supervisor are still in place
  • This is a fair company that follows the rules and is fair in compensation and really offers bennies!

There are more things, but that is the gist of it.  Kenny is SOOOOO excited ’cause he was tired of me getting home at 7:30 or later.  And he misses me in the morning, too.  He just plain misses me.  Kirstie is thrilled too because it’s been almost impossible to see each other!

So WOOHOO!  Special thanks to Kenny and Teddi who did extra prayer duty for me!

To check out where I will be working, click here.