Goodbye Sunday!

Wow, another weekend GONE!  Sorry the the redundant theme, but weekends don’t feel that special to me anymore!  LOL

I had some fun this weekend.  Yesterday I went shopping – for those who don’t know me, I HATE to shop!  But, alas, I have an interview tomorrow and really needed to look a bit more professional than I usually do.  Sigh.  To make up for this pain, I decided that I would also go to the Apple store.  I was THIS CLOSE to buying something I didn’t need, but decided that I wouldn’t…….whew!  It is like walking into a drug induced stupor for me!

ANYWAY, I did get a nice suit and cool shoes…..I will look pretty professional I think!  I am at a weird size right now, lost some inches so not quite in my size but not quite in the smaller size…….so anyway, that was encouraging.

One thing I DID take away from Apple is how to record my guitar and bass into my computer.  So, I made a trip to Best Buy, bought the adapter, and began composing music almost immediately!  It brought back memories of me and Edgar trying to record on a 4-track mixer years ago!  Recording on a computer is WAY easier!  LOL  I had SO MUCH fun and stayed up until 3am this morning!  DOH!  I woke up bright eyed at 9am and got right back to it!  So I finished two songs and I had SO MUCH FUN!

I also totally organized my desk and I feel pretty good about it.  Never did quite make it to straightening my room, but I DID clean the bathrooms (note to Rona!!!)

Okay, sorry for the lame post, I wanted to write something but I am distracted really.  Trying to come up with my next song!  LOL  It’s a process!  Maybe soon I will tell you how I do it, not sure if it’s the correct way or not!

Special shout out to Rona, who is my favorite nerd!

Gina OUT!

One thought on “Goodbye Sunday!

  1. I also lost a couple pounds,not enough for a different size, but now can eat chocolate guilt free. Better than gaining! Not a lame post,sounds like a happy women doing all those fun things we have to do in life. You’ll get the right job soon and miss this days of freedom soon enough. I’m just learning the joy of Apple and I’m happpy that you are doing so well. Love, Christine

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