The World is Filled with Funny People

So here are some observations that have occurred over the last few weeks:

  • I pretty much walk to two banks my work uses each day.  Since I am dealing with business accounts, I stand in the Merchant line instead of the LONG line at one of the banks.  However, merchants often take longer than consumers so the shorter line might prove to be deceptive.  One day a man was ahead of me and was doing business on his cell phone.  He walks up to the teller, stayed on the phone, and then asked for a deposit slip!  Now, maybe its just me, but I get my deposit slips or withdrawal slips ready BEFORE I get to the teller!  But anyway, he KEEPS talking on the phone throughout the whole transactions; picture him balancing his cell phone as he tries to fill out the deposit slip and add the checks he is depositing…….while loudly talking on the phone (which seemed to echo off of the security plexiglass).  It was a LONG wait day and just made me shake my head a bit…….
  • During my walks, I have to cross a major thoroughfare (I have mentioned the dangers of crossing in previous posts!).   Invariably, the following happens: I get to the crosswalk and push the button for the signal.  Even if someone who is walking up SAW me push the button, they usually walk in front of me and push the button again.  And the cycle continues as each new person walks up (even if they’ve already seen 5 people push the button).  OCD at its finest.
  • This one makes me laugh a bit!  I usually get one woman at the bank who I confuse when I ask for multiple cashiers checks.  Since the form needed assumes you need one cashiers check, I usually write *see list*, which I provide with the form.  EVERY time I get this teller, she goes through the process and asks, “You want the cashiers check made out to see list?”  I am THIS close to saying, “are you serious???”

That’s all I have today.  Lots going on but don’t have the energy to write about it!


Weekends in the Outdoors!

So I accomplished a lot this weekend; FINALLY finished my office – I am now officially unpacked!  Woohoo!  In fact, I am typing this post from the comfort of my desk, sipping my morning coffee, and enjoying my split-screen set-up!  Yes!

So, one of the amazing bennies of living where I do is that “the outdoors” are much more pleasant to deal with.  Unfortunately, SCV is often too hot to enjoy much more than the swimming pool.  However, although it WAS pretty warm this weekend, it was workable.  We got to go kayaking through Naples, which is a gorgeous island of sorts off the Long Beach Marina.  That was AWESOME and great exercise, too!  Then we hung out on 2nd Street to take in the community and also I was able to get my hair cut.  We checked out a sandcastle contest that was pretty cool and then we did some shopping.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of my time unpacking the office, but DID find time to ride my bike down to 2nd Street for more fun.  I didn’t realize there are so many hills in LB!  🙂  But it was fun and again, more great exercise.  I LOVE IT!

I hope these activities are easily incorporated into the fall and winter as well!

Gina OUT!

Things Are Different In These Here Parts…….

For those of you who have been readers of this blog for a while, you may remember how I shared living and working in the SCV and The Valley were very different than the good ol’ OC.  Well, now that I reside in beautiful Belmont Heights/Long Beach, I would like to articulate how different THESE part are!

However, first I’d like to mention that today is my Grandma Minard’s Birthday – if she were still with us, she would have turned 91 today.  However, the Good Lord thought fit to call her home in May 1999, so it’s been a while since she has blown out any candles.  I miss her SO MUCH and will be smiling all day thinking about all the wonderful memories I have about and with her.  I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!

Okay, so I still work in the Valley, and due to problems at work, now WALK to two banks every morning there as well.  Crossing a major street in the Valley is VERY dangerous!  But that calls for a different post in itself!  ANYWAY, you may remember I said – in general – Valley peeps are impatient, rude, drive like crazy people, and THE TRAFFIC FREAKING STINKS!  If you run into a nice person on the street, the first thought is to beware as they are either crazy or about to rob you.

However, there are VAST differences I’ve noticed so far in LB.  First of all, everyone seems overall laid back.  Not as much impatience, cars don’t freak out and rush forward if you dare to put your blinker on the change lanes, and the sort.  People actually say HI when they pass by walking on the street and may even add, “Have a nice day!”

And the neighbors?  In the SCV, no one talked to each other.  You could walk by and they wouldn’t even look at you.  Once I said hello and was looked at like I was crazy.  (maybe they work in the Valley, too!)  But here, about 12 neighbors have come over, introduced themselves, offered help, etc.  There are A LOT more people who walk, ride their bikes, etc. and everyone interacts.  It is glorious.

So, what have I deduced from this?

1)  The ocean must be better for personalities than smog!

While the reason I moved was not the most relaxing, I am thankful that things worked out the way they did!  I am less than a mile from the ocean, love my neighborhood and neighbors, my new landlord rocks, and it all rocks.  So I am thankful AND becoming less uptight (AKA “de-vally-ized”) with each day!

Now, if you wouldn’t mind praying with me that my payroll check will clear……..

Thursday – What to Say?

I am not sure what to post, and I know it’s been a while.  I have started a few and never posted them…..yeah, the lifestyle of the unmotivated!

We moved successfully, if not with a few bumps, and are now settling in nicely.  Kenny LOVES being so close to the beach!  We rode there one night and it was AWESOME!  The kids love that there is a huge olympic pool right on the beach, too.  So that part is awesome.  This is also a very nice neighborhood – quiet and about 10 neighbors stopped by to welcome us.  Even Gracie is loving it!

I am sad to report that all my complaints about Du-par’s before were NOTHING compared to the crud that is happening now.  Each day I become a bit more weary with the shenanigans that go on and the unrealistic optimism I feel I am supposed to display when being basically yelled at throughout the day from people who want money.  The biggest group of these people, lately, are the check cashing places trying to collect on bounced payroll checks…….sheesh.  But even worse, the “golden child” of the firm, who the President loves, treats us the worse and I am really getting tired of it.  Sigh.

Hey, if there are any labor lawyers out there – I have a question.  We have an internal policy (aka the President said so….) that we NEVER process a workman’s comp claim because, if we have no claims, then we get a dividend back from our insurance.  One person said they hurt their leg and has been off for about 6 weeks.  The President has paid several bills, including for an MRI, and we have been paying their salary when off, but the employee feels as though more needs to be done and is tired of the President telling him that “he does not have a workman’s comp claim”.  I have raised my concerns, too.  However, the President claims that we have a right under California law that says we can treat “first aid” without filing a claim.  If a person has been off work for 6 weeks, has had about 6 doctors appointments including an MRI, and such…….is that considered first aid?  What are the requirements for filing a workman’s comp claim?  The President says, “well, we could file it, but they would just deny it because this injury would be rejected.”  Said President is NOT a doctor…… if anyone knows, let ME know!

Okay, I must get ready for work.  I will write again, I am sure!

Gina OUT.