Remember Josh’s Surprise?

He called me and told me that he accepted Christ, except I thought he was calling to tell me he had lost his first tooth. Well, guess what???? On Saturday, 2/23, HE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!

It had been lose for a while and he finally got it out with a little help from Grandma!


(and yes, he has blue hair…..)

Addiction is Alive and Well

People have been addicted to alcohol, drugs, illicit behavior……many things! I have fallen into the trap of addiction and I have heard the first step is admitting you have a problem. So, here it is:


It started slowly, this addiction. I would play on weekends with friends, known as “girl’s night out” etc. We would throw in Sing Star and Dance Dance Revolution for good measure. But slowly, ever slowly, the call of the guitar began rumbling in the core of my mind. Now, I have been known to stay up until 3am trying to unlock another song or get that solo on hard level down! It doesn’t help that my friends are as addicted as I am – and yes, I was not alone in the early morning “studio recording” session!

Today, we vowed to hide the guitars and go on with our lives – we would NOT be ruled by this addiction. But we took a small “toke” on it earlier…….but we fought it and now I am over here blogging about it!

Yes, I am addicted!

12 Days and I Feel ALMOST Human…..

Today is the 12th day I have had this dreaded flu. I am still not 100%, but it’s the first day I feel ALMOST human. I am tired of being tired, of aching all over, of having a low grade soar throat, of having gunk in my head and chest, of hitting the wall at about 2pm…..yeah.

Yes, the news is true…..the flu shots this year were not very effective and the flu is spreading all over. So many people at work, who also happened to get the shot, have this flu. It’s like the plague in some departments. So many people are coughing and lethargic! Yes, I am lethargic too! Can you believe ME being LETHARGIC!?!!?! Tis true.

Not much else is going on in my life right now. I am seriously sleeping and veggie most of the time. But today gives me a little hope – I might get over this stupid thing eventually!

Hope my 2.28 readers are feeling well!

On a side note, you may notice that my ClusterMap is missing lots of dots! No worries, it’s been a year since I began using it (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY) and they just archived the data for this period. If you are curious and want to see it, just click on the map and then select “MAP ARCHIVE” above the map that is then displayed. NOTE that this archive map may not be available for a few days.

Caught In The Middle

A great song by Dio – yes, this is an 80’s Metal band…..

Looking inside of yourself
You might see someone you don’t know
Maybe it’s just what you need
Letting the river in you flow

You can sail away to the sun
And let it burn you while you can
Or walk a long bloody road
Like the hero who never ran

You’ll feel it
You’ll feel it
You’ll feel the rush of it all

Flying away in the clouds
You know you’re loosing your control
Finding you way in the dark
Like some poor forgotten soul

You’ll feel it
You’ll see it
You’ll feel the rush of the city lights
You’ll feel it
I see it in your eyes, you’re

Caught in the middle
Just like the way you’ve always been
Caught in the middle
Helpless again

Looking inside of yourself
You might see someone you don’t know
Maybe it’s just what you need
Letting the river I know that’s in you flow

You can feel it
You can see it
You can feel the rush of thunder
You feel it
I see it in your eyes, you’re

Caught in the middle
Just like the way you’ve always been
Caught in the middle
Helpless again

(yeah, this genre really speaks to me! Either that, or I am getting very old.)

Return of the "Quotes of the Week"

I will try to remember as many funny quotes for the week!

Interchange with Deana and Sophia at McDonald’s:

S: Mom, I am going to hide in the trash can!
D: Ew! If you do, french fries will go up your nose!
S: NO! That is not good. That’s where my boogers live!

Sophia to Gina, her mentor:

Occasion #1:
S: What’s your problem?

Occasion #2:
S: Don’t mess with me!

Rona: I always say something funny, so that’s why you can’t remember anything.

Rona: It always sounds funnier when I say it. Why do you always mess it up so much? Maybe you’re not that funny.

Deana: Excuse me, I am a Mexican and Mexicans like that kind of music.

Zack: Geena, I MISSSSSS you!

Josh: Mom, I read a book with 169 pages!

That’s all I remember right now!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO RONA, who is celebrating a birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONA!

Fridays are good, better this week?

Last week I was a little down or something on Friday. Today, I am not down, but have been fighting a cold all week. (Get out your miniature violins…..). First it was a horrible soar throat. Then the pain overcame me to where I didn’t even want to talk (a serious side effect!). Then I started getting congested. Then, my throat felt better, but my voice went away. Then the pillow in my head got thicker. Then, last night, it moved to my chest. Every time I laid down to sleep, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So half of the night I attempted to sleep sitting up on the couch. Yeah, you guessed it, I didn’t sleep well.

Now I have a cough and it doesn’t feel pleasant. I hope it’s just because I just woke up. Yes, I did sleep – from about 5:30 this morning until I turned off the alarm at 6 and then woke with a start at 7!

I have a big presentation at work today, so I am hoping I can at least talk!


Thanks for your responses

Thanks for everyone who responded to the ethical dilemma posed yesterday. I guess I should have been a little more clear about the “rules” of the game, however. I assumed too much – but for the future (IF such games are played) I will be more clear.

No anonymous posts, which I believe takes away from the thoughts shared and provides a cloak for intolerance or mean spirited notes. (Not to suggest that was the case yesterday, but I am just stating where I am coming from).

As promised, I will not debate this issue as it was an open forum to share views on the subject. However, as promised, here was my response to my class:

Is it fair to measure ethical behavior by certain cultures? What culture should we measure it by? That of America or that of Ecuador?

Some things, when using a Biblical World View, are moral absolutes – such as salvation is through Jesus only. However, even when you take a commandment “thou shall not lie” (or “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”), could you still justify the unethical action of lying such as people during WWII did? Here, I am not arguing if a lie is a lie, just as I was not really arguing if a bribe is a bribe, but rather the ethical response to such actions. For example, Corrie Ten Boom lied to the Nazis when hiding Jews, who would certainly have been put to death. Was she morally unethical or wrong to do that? What about “thou shall not lie”.

Further, I may be wrong, but I am not certain of a biblical term that would say it is wrong to pay a bribe. Certainly, I would suggest that paying something to gain access or to have a better advantage in business is unethical, but it appears in Ecuador that the monies paid seem to be evenly required. And further, a “bribe” in Ecuador does not seem to meet the criteria of the American definition of the term.

And just as shown in “The Peace Child”, a great story about a family that reached a people whom never saw a white person before, it is important to reach people in the cultural context in which they live – not only regarding the love of Christ, but in the business practices that surround them.

THANK YOU ALL for participating. I have never been to Ecuador and have never discussed with locals how this day-to-day requirement is viewed by the people. But I HAVE been to other countries, including Russia, and have seen and discussed first hand how the norms are viewed and dealt with. Thank you to those who have shared their opinions, their real life situations, and such. I am reminded that life is tough sometimes – even very smart people and theologians (are theologians people???? lol) argue over points so I know we are not alone.

Again, THANK YOU everyone for sharing. I appreciate you all.

Now Gina needs to get ready for work.