Things are PDC

Pretty Darn Cool.

I was able to spend yesterday, 12/28, with my niece Stacy and nephew Mike – who were in California from Colorado. Wow, how grown up they are! It was hard to believe I hadn’t seen them in three years. But it was also cool to be able to pick up as if it were just yesterday.

That just reinforces for me how family is very important. My busy life (very much like many of you, I am sure) gets in the way of that often, but I hope to focus more on what is really important – and that’s family. Let that be my motto for 2006.

And speaking of 2006, don’t forget to count the leap second on New Year’s Eve! Gotta make sure we are in line with those atomic clocks.

Blessings to you!

Amazing Christmas

You know, each year we all run around, think about what we want to purchase for everyone, and plan the “big day” of Christmas. I know that I am looking forward to my family’s traditions, seeing the people I love, watching them open their presents, and adding to my memory the blessing of one more year of Christmas with those I love.

Many of you will be doing the same thing and I think that’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

But as I sat here this morning, Christmas Eve, and watched the light change as the sun came up, I was in awe of something else – today is a miracle. I am sitting here thinking of all the things the Lord has done for me, beginning with His miracle birth, that I am overwhelmed with appreciation and happiness. However, due to the size of this blog, I will just focus on some of the blessings I received in 2005.

  • My children, Kirstie, Kenny, and Josh, have been healthy and have been growing closer to Christ!
  • My family is healthy and I am blessed with their love
  • My friends (who are really family) bless me everyday. Deana, Wanda, Tonja, Amy (to name a few)
  • I found a wonderful church – Crossroads Christian Church – that blesses me everyday
  • My Mom, who struggles with emphysema (actually, COPD) continues to stay as healthy as possible which I am thankful for.
  • I was able to see beautiful locations of our country; Philadelphia and Alaska especially.
  • My Dad continues to enjoy his job and his health has been maintained by the Good Lord.
  • Ellie has a horrendous commute, but the Lord keeps her safe everyday.
  • I am thankful for the new family the Lord has brought into my life – Mary, Victoria, Andrew, Stephanie, and Michael.
  • Deana is the best friend that I could ever hope for; she fulfills so many blessings that it’s impossible to list them all.
  • So much more, thank you Lord!

As we move forward in the holiday, I pray that the Lord touches you in ways that are unmistakable. I know that the holidays are hard sometimes; finances, crazy schedules, thinking about those who are no longer with us (I especially miss Grandma M. and Grandpa M-who passed away Christmas Day 1985). But even with this stress or melancholy, the Lord still reigns. I pray that He touches you!