Body Blasts, Surfboards, and Dogs

My Thursday started out waking up at 4:45 am. Right, I thought the same thing! WHAT THE HECK?  But Sonya and I are back into the working out routine.  She has a membership at a women’s gym and graciously got me a free week to try it out.  We met there this morning at 5:30 for a Body Blast class……yep, you guessed it, every muscles was worked!  It was a great workout, but dang, MY BODY HAS BEEN BLASTED!  I came home and seriously sat for about an hour, too sore to even go take a shower!  But I have had more energy since then, thank God!

So, Kenny hasn’t been able to use his new surfboard, which arrived on Monday.  So we headed out later in the morning for his first run!  He was a little wobbly at first – this board is shorter than the one he took lessons on – but by the end of the day he was doing a GREAT job, turning, etc.  We had such a good time, bonding on the drive, sharing the moments on the beach even when he was far out (thumbs up and waving galore), and just sharing this new adventure together.  I adored the time together!  Sorry, no pics this time as bonehead Gina forgot her camera!

Well, we stayed at the beach a bit longer than I anticipated, so on the way home I was concerned about Gracie.  She is a WONDERFUL dog, but she has one small problem – when she is left alone, she gets destructive.  The first thing she broke was the flap to the doggie door.  Then, she ripped up the sliding glass screen.  Then, I locked her in her crate and she somehow got the hall rug and tore that up.  So I am very cautious when I leave her and put her in her crate AWAY from EVERYTHING.  But, at the same time, I don’t like to put her in the crate for more than an hour or two.  Today, that turned into about four hours and I felt horrible.  So I told Kenny, “As soon as we get home, please run upstairs and let Gracie out asap!”  He complied (he is good about that!) and rushed to the door leading into the house.  As he opened the door, there was Gracie!  WHAT?!?!!?  We checked the house out – no damage.  I called Rona, who had her cell phone off (RONA – WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT!  LEAVE YOUR PHONE ON FOR PETE SAKE!), and so I left a message.  She called back later to inform me that she had NOT let Gracie out!  So that little stinker now knows how to open the freaking crate door!  Dun dun dun.  At least she was happy as a clam and didn’t cost her mommy more money to fix things!

Okay – Rona, Stephanie and I are leaving for Sacramento tomorrow to visit Sandy and Aaron!  We are SO excited!  Woohoo!  I hope to update you all on our exciting trip once I return as I don’t believe I will have access to the internet while there.

Have a great weekend!

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