Pinching Crabs

Today I was chatting with a friend online, who was not really pleased that I would be going to the beach while she had to work.  In this discussion, she said (jokingly, of course) that she hoped I met a crab and that the crab pinched me!  HOW RUDE!  LOL

So the boys and I went to the beach and met Steph and the kids.  I was excited – not a cloud in the sky!  But when we got to the beach, we instantly realized the wind was really whipping!  Stephanie had TONS of goose bumps all over her body as the wind was pretty cold.  I wasn’t too cold and quickly started boogie boarding with Kenny, who was already pretty far out.  Some of the waves were actually pretty good, thanks to said wind, but I didn’t stay out long because the water was rough and I somehow bruised my right arm pretty badly on the board.  The wind then REALLY got my attention – it WAS cold!  I am not sure how long we sat there like that, but it was miserable.  Sand was blowing everywhere (eyes, mouths, etc.) and we couldn’t feel the sun even with no clouds in the sky.  So, it was a short day, but we have plans to go back and try it out again on Thursday.

Do you think the wind was a form of crab?????  LOL

Word of the day:

Denial – a psychological defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality.

I have lived in denial before, probably many times.  However, I have also observed it in others.  It’s sad, but funny, to see when people are so deep in their denial that – even when you apologize for a huge mistake or the way you reacted to a situation – they deny their part in it and even continue to accuse you and attack you over and over again – even when said accusations won’t change the fact that you are done with the person.  And, I have found that denial has a way of morphing.  For example, when someone in denial is hurt, they sometimes say something like, “I just wish you would explain” and then, when you DO explain, they find something else to complain about.  Ironically, the complaint is still the same complaint, but now the person in denial has more ammunition to use against you.  I recommend, if you find yourself in this sort of situation, do NOT be pulled into the pattern of denial any further, unless you are a licensed psychologist who is equipped at dealing with it properly.

Special shout out to my Dad, who is the coolest person on earth.  (Yes, I know, that means I am the SECOND coolest person…….)

Gina OUT!

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