As promised, here are the surfing pics…..

Well, Kenny and I got to the beach nice and early today – 7:45! And, surprise!, surfing schools are lead by surfers and, well, they don’t really watch the clock too closely. Like, hang loose dude! So class started around 8:30 or so! What Kenny and I didn’t know is that the $65 for the lessons only covered 2 hours! But he got a lot accomplished in those two hours! He caught plenty of waves – I was able to catch the earlier waves but he was KICKING it.

Here is one such shot:

To see more of these pics, click here.

So, since classes didn’t last as long as we expected, Kenny and I decided to get some serious body surfing in. The waves were AWESOME – we got some nice rides in! The BEST feeling was when we’d catch the same waves and we’d look at each other through the white wash. It was very cool and we had a GREAT time.

And, if I may say so, this old lady still has the moves on the waves! So what if I also have several big and ugly bruises from it? At least my son thinks I am cool!

Okay, going to rest now since I am home, showered, and feeling LAZY!

Special shout out to whoever is in the San Diego/Oceanside area that is hitting my site 20+ times a day – thanks for bringing up my readership averages!

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