Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks…..

I am not sure what part of the title I have the most problem with – referring to myself as old or a dog!  Well, maybe both are symbolic in nature!

Yesterday, I had great fun at the beach!  I was VERY careful with the sunscreen because last time I got a HORRIBLE burn on HALF of my shins, PARTS of my arms, etc.  It was totally lame and it HURT!  So, I was very generous with the lotion and I was very careful with everything……..except there was a LITTLE problem…..

First of all, I haven’t been to the beach without board shorts in years.  But yesterday, I lived large and got brave and wore just my bathing suit.  Even with the lotion, the area that has not seen the son in forever – my upper thighs – decided the sunscreen was not enough to protect my lily white skin.  Yep, burned!  And, especially right where my legs bend, it freaking hurts!

Second of all, I didn’t add sunscreen to my face – partly because I didn’t think of it, and partly because, when I realized my oversight, I shrugged it away since I wear a special face lotion everyday that is stronger and my face was fine last time.  But, in retrospect, I realized the lotion was never applied that day…..dun dun dun!  Yep, you guessed it, my face looks like a lobster (except, ironically, around my eyes as I was wearing sunglasses for most of the day)!

I am forty years old and have been pale for all of those years – do you think I would have learned by now????

There IS a golden lining in this, however (props to you Rona!) – for those of you who saw my previous ridiculous tan lines, I HAVE evened out a bit!  Woohoo!  So what if I am, well, a lobster in some places!

Today, I think I will take it easy for a while – read a book, eat sunflower seeds, visit friends this evening!  Sigh, sounds great!

Oh, and on the reading part – Kirstie got hooked on a writer and a series of books, Stephenie Meyer (and no, I didn’t misspell it!).  She read three books in about 5 days (this reading mom is so freaking PROUD!).  And, she also got me hooked on them!  I am almost done with the first book (Twilight) and just got the next two books from her (New Moon and Eclipse).  She also ordered the fourth book, which I can’t remember the title of, and that comes out August 1st.  Good books, you should check them out.

Special shout out to my little big sister (she’s a whole whopping five feet tall) Linda!  Can’t wait to see you!

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