The 5th Floor Women’s Restroom

So, I work in a 9 floor building in Dallas.  I actually work on the 5th floor.  Our office does not have its own restroom, but there are facilities on each floor for our use.  Since I work on the 5th floor, the majority of my “resting” is done there as well.

In the 4 or so weeks I’ve been at this job, and therefore as I’ve used the restroom, I’ve noticed some curious things!

  • It always amazes me to see the number of women who use the facilities and leave without washing their hands!  I mean, picture it – many are dressed very professionally (not that this should really matter), walk out of their stall, and head for the door!  I am sorry, but that really grosses me out.
  • Invariably, at least once a day, I enter a stall to find that the previous user hadn’t successfully flushed the toilet.  And many times the oversight included, shall we say, some special gifts!  While I understand sometimes that toilets don’t handle these situations to the best capacity, I usually make sure I have gotten rid of my little deposit before leaving.  ESPECIALLY if my deposit is……….a special one.  Maybe these ladies are talking on their phones, are distracted, want to leave before anyone notices any trace of the deposit they left, or are too focused on high-tailing it out of there without washing their hands – hoping no one will notice.
  • On a side note, the building I work in was built in 1955 and has worked hard at keeping the retro art deco decor throughout the building.  It’s kind of awesome, actually.  But it IS kind of weird to be surrounded by this neat retro vibe and seeing and using an automatic soap dispenser in the restroom!  Not that everyone uses it, mind you, but that at least leaves more soap for me!
  • I also notice that, for those ladies who DO wash their hands, about 37%** have a hard time getting their paper towels into the trash.  I have watched, with my own eyes, women toss it in the trash’s general direction, watch the towel fall to the ground, and walk off.  Wow.  (Yeah, I must admit, I even said that out loud one time as I witnessed the thing occur.)  I fight the urge to pick up all the towels every time I go to the restroom…..and feel sorry for the maintenance crew.  I have seen public restrooms in better shape on many occasions.

Alas, that is all I have to report at this time.  Hope y’all are having a great week.  And yes, I said y’all.  I’m in Dallas people.

Gina out

** That was not determined scientifically.

What is Destiny, and What If It Goes Away?

I have had my turns with Destiny.  I have faced Her directly and I have also ran into her when I wasn’t paying attention.  Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, destiny is “a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency”.

Well, I have faced destiny many times and, for many years, I held to the thought that my destiny was such:

  • To be used by God in all that I do.
  • To be a loving and honorable daughter, always held in esteem especially with my father
  • To be a wonderful wife
  • To be a success professional

I guess those look more like GOALS than items of destiny.  But for many years I truly thought those items WERE my destiny!  So what happens when I fall OUT of that destiny?  What if I don’t feel God using me?  What if the reactions of my parents indicate I am not longer their loving and honorable daughter?  What happens when I get divorced?  What if my career falls apart?

Well, some people like me might try to get things rolling by seeing a professional.  They may even be VERY specific about telling me what my destiny is, perhaps even straight out telling me where I need to be, how things will fall into place, with whom, and everything.  Yes, I am talking about a psychic.  Yeah, it gets all exciting when all that info runs through your head and you think of the possibilities and the great news up ahead.  But that, too, is not destiny and it is always foolish to buy in to such shenanigans to form your future steps or to act a certain way.  Believe me, some of the things I was told gave me a sense of hope and excitement and I fell pretty hard when I figured out it was bogus.   So, epic fail.  (For my 2.78 readers, especially Christians, no need to get on your horses of disdain at this point.)

So, after a year of reflection, soul searching, and research, I realized an amazing thing – I have no freaking control, really.  I am not even sure Destiny exists!  But instead, there are some truths I have under-covered:

  • I am a beautifully made individual.  I have the love of my God, who will not forsake me.  He doesn’t need me to accomplish anything.  And the very moment I learned that, I think I became much more useful to Him!
  • I do not need the (expressed) love of my parents or their acceptance to love them back.  Whether or not they see the honor I extend to them with my very life, it does not make it not exist.  And I will walk each day doing my best to carry in my actions this love for them in every facet of my life.  And I do so with great appreciation for them, especially my father.
  • Yes, my first marriage failed.  It is too complicated to accept all blame.  But that will not mean my new marriage will be a failure, or that history will repeat itself.  I am hard pressed to acknowledge I am not perfect (gasp!) but will, with the love I hold for my spouse, walk in that love and yearn to be the best I can be.
  • I have realized I put too much of my identity in the career I hold.  While I will always do my best, work my hardest, and always yearn to improve, my job is NOT my identity.  It really never was either, but I was too silly to realize that.
  • My real destiny, if such thing exist, is to love my God and love my neighbor.  Easier said than done!  But heck, at least I can focus my efforts.

Having been on tons of drugs to address the bronchitis, ear infection, and the beginnings of a sinus infection I have (which really started 12/30/09, can you imagine?) I think I should end this blog entry now.  Whew, typing is pretty darn hard!

Anger Through Writing

Some of my long-term readers know that sometimes I vent a lot here.  Maybe not as much as I used to (I have been accussed of “airing laundry” on this site), but I still rant and rave now and then.  So, when I saw this cartoon today on my New Yorker desk calendar, I thought, “Wow, that’s me!” and got a nice chuckle out of it.  So, I thought I’d share with you, too!  Enjoy.

Inside Scoop on the State of Texas

Okay, so let me start by saying I don’t hate Texas.  In fact, I am loving that there is no freaking state income tax and that I haven’t paid above $2.60 a gallon for gasoline.  The fact that I love my job is cool, too.  So, first, let me share some more positives:

  • People are often more polite; when you talk to them, they are usually very kind and even gregarious.  Often, when you’re driving in neighborhoods, strangers wave to you as you pass by.
  • Parents have more say in regards to their children’s schooling.  And the schools overall are fantastically run.
  • Having gone to Zack’s school program last week, I am amazed at how proud Texans are of their state.  They pledge allegiance to the State Flag.  They even have a State Song that the kids know by heart!  Wow, that never happened in California!

But now, some insight that is a bit more negative.

  • Texas is weak in the whole “melting pot” arena.  I just don’t mean races (although, I have to admit, it is a LITTLE more diverse than I expected….), but more in other areas.  For example, in California you would see people wearing jerseys for all sorts of teams from all over the country.  Jets fan?  No problem.  Bears fan?  Bring it.  Here?  NO WAY!  You can’t even freaking BUY a jersey from a non-Texas team around here!  And let me tell you, being a Vikings fan can be dangerous in Cowboys territory!  It just was a little sad that there is SO MUCH tied around sports…..and I am not exaggerating – there is real hatred here towards anyone who doesn’t worship Dallas or Texas teams.
  • Texas drivers are MEAN!  Seriously.  And it’s not just because I have California plates – this happened when I was driving Mom’s car, too.  They make Valley and LA drivers look like wimps!  They tailgate, even when there is so much traffic you can’t do anything about it.  They cut you off.  They slam on their brakes.  They are just plain horribly mean!  Hard to align that with the happiness that is often shared when speaking with them in person.
  • I think there is a state law that you have to be republican to live here.  Not sure yet about that……

I have run out of time, but will try to add more details later.  And for those who are truly curious, I HAVE picked up a twang here and there, although I’ve been trying hard to avoid it!  The other day I was talking about work to Deana and I said something about missing milestones……she swears I said “milestones” like I’ve lived here my entire life!  I nearly spit my gum out!  Dang!

And, I would be remiss to not mention how wonderfully proud of the Vikings I am!  WHOOT WHOOT!  I sat here surrounded by Cowboys fans (although Deana was a Vikings fan, of course!) and was getting the trash talk thrown at me during the first 2 minutes of the game.  But, true to form, my team soon hushed that talk up with an outstanding performance!  I am so glad that I’ve stuck with them even through the lean years and I also appreciate Favre’s talent and strength – even for an old guy!

Next week will be tough – I have also enjoyed watching New Orleans’ year of success after a tough history.  I have rooted for them and hoped for the best.  But, I have to put my admiration aside – my love for the Vikings has been much deeper and longer and my loyalty lies with them!  I DO hope, however, that the game will be more enteraining than the stomping against Dallas!  Hee hee!

Okay, to those I haven’t mentioned by name, I miss you.  More later!  Gina OUT!

Hard Rock Song – Monster

By Skillet.

I saw this band years ago at the Harvest Festival in Anaheim.  iTunes recommended their new album and I have been enthralled since then.  This specific song was in my head when I woke this morning, so I thought I’d revive the song post!  And I ask you, what’s not to love about a band with a girl drummer?!?!!?!  Enjoy!

Why You Should Be Glad I Don’t Rule the World

So, fair warning – if you read this you will be reading another of Gina’s famous rants.  It doesn’t help that I am freaking sick AGAIN and I am tired!  But I am NOT cranky!

  • If you live in a region where the roads get icing, you should be thrown in jail if you tailgate.  Instead of getting a DUI, it will be a TWI – Tailgaiting while icy.  Automatic extension of your sentence of 30 days if the car you were tailgaiting was stuck in traffic – in other words, where the hell did you expect them to go?????
  • If you attend a children’s program at a school that has limited seating, rules will be enforced as such – if there are numerous adults (primarily women and grandmas, although not required) standing in the back, parents are required to put children 5 years and younger on their laps to open up seating.  Children over 12 must offer their seats to the adults and freaking stand in the back.  And NO children will be allowed to play their stupid Gameboys, with sound blasting, during the program!
  • If you are walking through a parking lot, cut through parked cars and walk briskly in front of a car that is driving and didn’t see you, you might get hit.  What happened to looking both ways before crossing?  You WILL be fined if you begin to cuss out the car that almost hit you.
  • People, especially men, who don’t even PRETEND to hold the door open for those walking right behind them, especially in inclimate weather, will be required to wear hot pink shirts for a week.  Even worse, men who expect WOMEN to hold the doors open for them (or OPEN it for them) will be required to wear pantyhose in addition to the shirt.

I just wish people would be a little more aware……and kind……but maybe I am just too much of a romantic.  Or a democrat.  You decide.

I need to get this butt ready for work, so Gina is OUT.  Shout out to my California friends, who I really miss right now.  I really miss the warm weather, too.  And I really miss the ocean.  But don’t tell Kenny that part – he is still mourning the fact he can’t surf.

Peace out (as Torie would say!)

Oops, Still No Recap?

…….and other confessions!

First, special shout out to Kate, who I imagine is dealing with much colder weather than poor little me in Dallas!  Thanks for taking the time to comment, my friend!

So, 2010 has taken off with a bang!  I have been working hard at the new job and loving it!  I had set a goal to be able to bill 10% of my time the first two periods, and one week in I am nearly at 20%.  For those of you who have worked with me, you know how important this is to me.  I have only needed to bug Joe two times and I am happy about that.  The person who has been a huge support to me, Cary, will be gone all next week at a client site, so I hope it runs as smoothly!

Over the new year I was battling the flu, however.  Tough, but at least I have three solid days to pretend to be alive as I laid in bed pretty much nonstop.  Hence, excuse #1 as to why I have not done the 2009 recap as of yet.

This weekend Kirstie is visiting and, therefore, I have not spent tons of time on my computer.  As I am still a morning person, I may be able to pull that off this morning as she sleeps away, but I make no further promises so I don’t fail here, too.

But ultimately, life is good…..even if it’s not perfect.  I still can’t trust some people to be loyal as they will invariably do the very things they promise they won’t; or rely on those whose love I thought would remain forever to last – but having said that, life is still good.  Deana is amazingly helpful day in and day out, my kids bring real joy to my life (but, clearly, I would love them and be blessed by them even if they didn’t), I am exceedingly thankful that I found a job that is amazing and that I love, and life is getting back into a routine.  And, really, once I realized that perfection is not required to reach happiness, the bells went off.  And I am truly happy.

On a side note, this closet techno-geek has been having a blast with her Sony Pocket Reader.  While I have been lusting over the Kindle for a really long time, it happens that Deana didn’t realize you had to buy it online……therefore, as time was running out before my birthday, she ended up getting the Sony version of the eBook reader.  She was concerned that I would be disappointed that it wasn’t the Kindle.  As it turns out, the Sony accepts various formats (as opposed to the Kindle) and I really don’t need a WiFi to download books (which the Kindle offers).  But more importantly, I have been LOVING having the eReader!  I have about 13 books downloaded, as well as several white papers and articles, and can switch between them anytime I want to!  I can throw the reader in my purse or backpack easily, and I have so loved it!  While on very few occasions I miss the feeling of the pages, I have fallen in love with the thing!  And I don’t want to suggest the Kindle is not amazing – I have never used it and really have no comment – but I have to say I really like the Sony version very much and am very thankful for the gift!  Thank you Deana and Kids!