Wax Philosophical……

Not really, at least I am prefacing this that I may NOT be very philosophical in this post.  Perhaps the INTENTIONS are there, but it’s been a while since I’ve written here and I’ve been known to ramble.  Plus, I did something to my left thumb and it hurts to type, so we shall see!

First Waxing – the whole Prop 8 thing in California.  Now, I know MANY (if not most) of my friends (especially those who have incorporated faith into their lives) were for Prop 8.  I can understand that, and it is not my intention to debate your stance or mine.  I just wanted to share some points that I have pondered this week.

First of all, I read this amazing article and it brought up some thoughts I haven’t – for example, it doesn’t surprise me that the Catholic Church is for Prop 8 and that they were disappointed that it was found as unconstitutional.  However, this article points out that the Catholic Church also does not acknowledge marriages outside of the church (something which was affirmed in my OWN life when my parents sought to be married in the church after getting married in Vegas), yet they don’t demand that these unrecognized marriages stop receiving social security benefits, etc.  Yet, that’s what they are demanding for gays and lesbians.  Hear me – I am a Christian and my faith is in Christ, but when I pay taxes to my government, that is a secular law and one which Jesus said I should do……but it is not related to Jesus.  I feel the same about marriage; if I have to pay taxes and my neighbor can marry wife #4 and get all this and that through the government, but I can’t…..how is that right?  And this ruling WAS right based on the constitution.  If the Catholic Church chooses to not recognize gay marriage, that is their right.  But they have no control over the constitution.  And if you find gay marriage morally wrong, don’t do it!  Just like I have a friend that finds it morally wrong to re-marry after a divorce and therefore has remained single, but doesn’t force her friends to do the same even though her friends share the same faith.


Deana started her job this past week and she LOVES it.  She is working in HR for the City of Dallas – her department has 4 employees and they support over 13,000!  I am very proud of her and she is gonna rock!  This job is a direct – I said DIRECT – answer to prayer!  Our prayer lives have really grown since joining Crossroads and it has taken on a life beyond anything Deana and I have experienced before.  In this case, we asked for a positive email the next day and BAM!, Deana received one stating she had made the first review in the application process.  Then, we prayed that she would get a call by the next week and BAM!, she did!  Now the interview process was intimidating; she had to have a 15 minute, Power Point presentation covering four topics, including HR Benefits.  She freaked out a little, especially since I had to leave for a business trip and she felt I could help her.  But she did it on her own and did a great job.  Prayers from all over Dallas were being raised, she did a GREAT job during the interview, and received an offer THE NEXT DAY!  THAT is unheard of when dealing with municipal agencies!  Now, let me be clear – this is NOT a story of how great we are at praying……this is about the Faithfulness of Jesus!  HE made this work out PERFECTLY!  To hear Deana’s take on this miracle, check out her post here.

I, for one, have been struggling a bit with my own job.  I swing between being loyal to being beat up and unmotivated.  I feel as though the Lord is telling me to be faithful to Him and He will lead me.  So I am trying to do that and not focus on all the things I could complain about – here on this blog or otherwise!  I WOULD like to travel less, that’s for dang sure!

On that note, I have expended the full amount of non-pain movement for my thumb, so this post will have to end.  I hope all of my 2.78 readers have a fantastic weekend!

Gina OUT

Howdy, I’m Still Alive

Just got back from another business trip.  TIRED.  So bullet points will have to do.

  • Happy 40th Birthday Deana!  I love you!
  • Working 4 days of 13+ hours tires you out!
  • God has been blessing me and the family directly – more on that later!
  • Prop 8 was ruled as unconstitutional 8/4/10 – controversial but right.  More on that later, too!
  • I’ve been reminded this week about how amazing a family I have.  My Dad, my Mom, my siblings, Deana, the kids……
  • Gracie is still missing.

More later and blessings to you all!  (All 2.78 of you!)

Gina out