Words have the power to uplift and the power to destroy.  Anger, in response to destructive words, never make things better.  Human qualities are so WOEFUL and PATHETIC.

So what am I most sad/angry about?  The actions of others or those of myself?  How much should I own and how much is based on a lie that seems to spread more quickly than fire?  Why do people find it easier to believe in dramatic nonsense than things based on fact?  Facts, I guess, are too boring.  Why can whole lives be crumbled to nothing in one brief moment – one brief collection of words?  And why does the kiss of death touch so many people that really shouldn’t even be involved?

Yet how can I measure my response to the crap that surrounds me?  Did I act with wisdom?  With humility?  With honor?  And if I answer no to any of these, does that make the lie become the truth?  I would hope not, but am finding out that my humanness, perhaps even my very emotions, are now being used to validate words that really have no merit.  And that is much worse than the lie itself.

So again, what should I own?  I can own that I made bad choices, that I altered my gut by making bad decisions.  That I reacted to words in a way that was  inappropriate.  I reacted and was not prudent.  I used language that I am not proud of.  Yet I am not completely guilty.  I do not accept that my lack of wisdom or bad decisions in the past automatically mean I am guilty of everything I might be accused of.  And yet, that’s where I am today.


I am not so sure…..

….what to write.  Deep thoughts are going through my mind and I am not sure how to share them in this venue.  Do I “go deep”, or do I try to summarize?

Decisions, decision.

So, I will have to distract myself…..

Justin, my love….

Here is my beloved Justin – yes, I still love him!

Dad and Gina 1968

Here is me and my Dad, circa 1968

Kirstie 2008

Here is Kirstie



This is going to be a short post!

Words are very powerful – they can edify and they can tear someone down. I have been on both ends of that spectrum.

Proverbs 18:21
The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

And I take great comfort in the following:

Proverbs 12:19
Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.

Many of you may have been exposed to words about me. I will not defend myself nor acknowledge the details of those words. But all I ask is that you pray about the words and consider them before deciding their worth.



Aunt Kay – hope this font is better for you!  Let me know!

Many of you – especially the ones who WORK with me – know that I don’t really like Mondays. I am a little cranky on Mondays. I whine a lot and grumble. But, today is TUESDAY!

So what does that mean? Today I go to work and we present loans to our committee. Could be good, could be bad. I used to have Taco Tuesday lunches, but that has changed I am sure, as many things are different now. I will probably have worship practice after work and will look forward to playing the drums, but not be too excited about getting to work at 7:30 the following morning to play for staff meeting. I think I watch American Idol on Tuesdays.

So, hence, this blog shows you how very BORING my Tuesdays are! Maybe I should place them in the same place as Mondays?

Last night was awesome, for a Monday! My friend and her boyfriend made a SUPERB dinner for me and invited my kids! So I had a few friends and my kids and nothing could make me more happy! We played Guitar Hero – where Kirstie has mad skills! She taught us a few things. Us old folks tried to play expert a few times and survived, but not very well. And the boys did very well, too! Josh actually beat some of us!!!! Kenny is cool too – he is more low key as he’s almost 13 and has to be cool, but he rocked, too. Josh also taught us how to do that Soldier Boy dance and we looked VERY hip, I am sure. Except we couldn’t really pull off the gangster faces. LOL

The night, even for a Monday, was WONDERFUL! I have to focus on the parts that bless me and ignore the day they fall on I guess!

Kenny was doodling last night and when I walked up he hid the paper he had. I asked what it was and this is what he had written (although he said it was for him and not for me to see….):

“Mom & Dad are the greatest parents I could ever have. I would die if they were not my parents. They are truly the greatest parents in the WORLD.”

I know it was self serving to post that note here, but some of you know where Kenny is coming from and how much that note blessed me – not only for the words, but for what they represent!

So that, my friends, is what I have to focus on TODAY! TUESDAY!

Life is……Amazing

The title has two connotations – it’s enthralling, and surprising. I will focus on the surprising part first.


It’s bad enough when you realize at some point – or maybe after several “points” – that there are aspects in your life that aren’t as they seem. Like your reflection in the mirror doesn’t match how you see yourself, or the age on your license doesn’t match how you feel. In my case, today has been surprising in that I knew someone who acted completely different than I expected. And for that, my heart is breaking. I am sorry that I am being exposed to a side I never knew, and I am sorry that the side even exists. Life is sometimes…..surprising.


But my life is not measured in sadness alone. Today, on the eve of Easter, I am reminded that I have a life in Christ, who died for me on the cross. I have a new life that is apart from the drama, the pain, the day-to-day gunk that sometimes takes my focus and energy. I can lean on Him when storms rage or when the sea is calm. I can rejoice that the entire world can turn against me, yet He remains. His creation surrounds me and comforts me, and I find it…….AMAZING.

May you also find this peace in Jesus Christ. I highly recommend it!