A Lot about Nothing

Hello!  Um, I am up early today (7:30) as I have another interview this morning.  I have no idea if this one will work out.  I was offered a job yesterday that, long term, has potential.  However, it is 100% commission, I need to go to Calabasas EVERYDAY, and has no benefits.  So I need to pray about that one…….

ANYWAY, Edgar took the boys to a surfing contest this weekend and Kenny sent me the following pics that he took:

Yesterday, the foam surfboard I got Kenny arrived!  So today, since I have the interview, Edgar is taking him surfing.  I am so excited for him!  I will probably take him tomorrow.  I might even try it out!  Now THAT should be interesting!

Okay, I gotta run, need to get ready and all.  I am not used to getting dressed in “grown up clothes” anymore, so it takes some time!


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