PRIDE Month 2022

I’ve been in a funk for over a year. Many years lead up to this “funkiness”, but on Easter 2021, the one person who I truly held in the highest esteem in my life broke me.

Was I broken because I am gay? No. I was broken because this person put their faith (which is supposed to be based on love) in front of our relationship. Oh, I admit they truly believe they ARE loving me by pointing out I am heading to hell for being married to my wife…..that they love me SO MUCH that they need to talk about that always……you know. That is not the main point of this post, but my explanation why the thing that usually energizes me (writing here and posting on my Facebook page) hasn’t been happening.

While I clearly am still at the end stages of the mourning process of my loss, I am NOT despondent. I am proud of my life, for many reasons. I have six wonderful kids, one of whom joined our family this year. Each of them are wonderful humans, who help others, invest in those around them and society, and stand up for the marginalized. I have a wife that I love more than I thought possible, and who is super hot. (FOR REAL!). I have a job that challenges me while also reminding me that life balance is not just a catch phrase. I also have been focused outside of myself, hoping to encourage those around me while always striving to learn more (the more I learn, the more I realized I don’t know……)

If YOU are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I pray you feel proud this month and every day of your life! You are beautiful! You are not a choice, you are not a mistake, but a precious human that deserves the greatest esteem! If you are an ally, thank you for supporting us with love, compassion, and understanding……even if that understanding is a journey. We love that you are here with us!

Our Pride is not wrong, just like being proud of other things is not wrong (America, our heritage, our ancestors, our kids, our parents, our faith, our church, our friends, the list goes on). Anyone who suggested that “pride” is wrong is a hypocrite. Period.

As we head to the end of this year’s Pride Month, I am energized to continue pushing for more. Just this weekend the Republican Party in Texas made a series of far-right declarations as part of its official party platform, including referring to homosexuality as “an abnormal lifestyle choice.” Many states, including Texas, have passed or are trying to pass laws against transgender citizens (even CHILDREN). Fear mongering and outright lies continue to be spread in the name of “Christian Values” against myself and my family……and that includes my family in the LGBTQIA+ community. But despite these challenges, I remain proud for myriad reasons. I have not been physically attacked by this chosen family. I have not been doomed to hell by this chosen family. I have not seen anyone in my chosen family declare any republican deserves to be stoned to death, nor has anyone in my community used a high capacity gun to annihilate their opposition. So next time any of you are accused of the “gay agenda”, feel free to use that.

Keep on keeping on! Love your spouses! Kiss your significant other! Raise your children! Pet your fur babies! Stream the latest Netflix series. And BE PROUD!

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