Love Song – Need You Now

By Lady Antebellum.

I am probably the millionth person that has noted they love this song, which is not entirely bad I suppose.  I often like my own stuff and move away from “the in” songs.  But I LOVE this song.  So watch the video.  Do it!

NOTE:  Youtube turned off embedded video for this, so just double click below and you will go to YouTube to see it.

How I Lost 12+ pounds by doing NOTHING!

By not doing anything?  Alas, my title – grammatically correct or not – is a bit misleading.  I realize that.  But it got your attention, now, didn’t it?

But let me be clear – I HAVE lost over twelve pounds.  I haven’t taken any diet pills, I haven’t starved myself, and I haven’t even really exercised.  Admittedly, I need to step it up because I really have maxed things out, and I have quite a few more pounds I’d like to lose.  But I would also like to encourage some of my readers about the little things that can make a great start to changing your life!

So, here is what changed in my life:

  1. First of all, I stopped working at Du-par’s.  Not that I was extremely bad there – I tried to stay away from the pies and super fatty foods.  But I DID have pies on occasion, even indulged in chicken fried steak once in a while, and the fact that the place has food cooking 24/7 made it, well, EASY to eat and eat and eat.  And, truly, I don’t think they have anything on the menu that wasn’t drenched in butter or some other fattening item.  No offense.
  2. I have started eating breakfast.  That might seem weird to you – adding something to my diet.  But I have found I make better choices if I have a SMALL breakfast each morning.  I also saw a dramatic drop in shakes and blood sugar fluctuations.
  3. I have small, healthy snacks every couple of hours.  Like carrots (they grow on you and ramp up your blood sugar FAST if needed), string cheese, apple – even if you’re not hungry, this goes a long way.  Helps with the blood sugar, appetite, etc.  But honestly, I learned this from my Boot Camp instructor – it’s important to eat more often EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL HUNGRY and those choices should be better for you.  Aka, not chips or chocolate, or whatever.  This has helped me a TON and I noticed if every other one includes protein, I really rock.
  4. My biggest meal of the day is now LUNCH.  It’s in the middle of the day, so even if you’re an office person like I am, you will invariably burn more calories moving around.  But I have made my portions smaller and added lots of other things.  For example, Smart Ones are convenient to eat at work and taste pretty good (some better than others).  I usually have more fresh veggies (carrots or celery or other crunchy items), and maybe fat free items like pretzels.
  5. I try not to eat dinner after 7pm.  It’s amazing how this meal can be a killer for you.  As for me, I sit on my butt often once I get home after a long day.  If I have a heavy, huge dinner, all those calories are just going to go to my belly fat.  So I try to refrain from late night dinners as much as possible.  I am fortunate that I am able to eat dinner around 6pm most nights.  And I ALWAYS try to include fresh veggies with this.  It has helped me teach the kids to eat healthy and pray that they learn now to stay healthy.  I used to fight to GAIN weight once, but can’t say I was especially healthy ever.
  6. I have one day a week where everything is “free”.  I can eat way too much, eat chips or chocolate or that big juicy cheeseburger.  The sky’s the limit.  But I’ve found that, with each new week, I can only eat so much at one sitting and – shock of shocks – the things I used to live for just aren’t as appealing as they used to be.  But I tell you what, popcorn is still awesome!  🙂
  7. Everywhere you may try to diet, you will hear this – drink more water.  I am nowhere near the point of drinking enough water, but it’s my drink of choice (with coffee 2nd in the morning hours).  Water is so refreshing really.  And it’s good for you.  Drink!
  8. I just started drinking one glass of red wine each evening.  JUST ONE.  I don’t know if it’s really made a difference, but it’s freaking yummy!

So, anyway, it’s worked for me.  If you have other suggestion, let me know!  I am going to start exercising this month, so I will keep you posted.

Gina OUT!


So Soph (my usual name for her) has been going through a pretty awesome phase lately – she’s all about being like me.  This was not entirely her idea at the beginning; she IS a lot like me in many ways, and D or I often say “she’s a mini G!”  But, once she got her glasses (which is funny, since D has had glasses longer than me) she has had this big kinship with me in all aspects of her life.

So, in honor of that, here are some Soph Quotes!  Some are especially funny considering the girl is only 6!


S:  (with exasperation) I have lesbian eyebrows!

G:  What?  Why are they lesbian eyebrows?

S:  A teacher came to school and her eyebrows were just like mine.

G:  Do you know what lesbian means?

S:  Yes!  Just look at my eyebrows!


S:  I want to be Gina

G:  Sure!  You can be Little Gina

S:  No, I want to be BIG Gina.  And I don’t know what to have for dessert, there are so many choices.

G:  Well you can have all of them, but then you might get fat like me.

S:  I WANT to be fat like you!

That’s all i have right now – much less than I was prepared to share when I started this post!  But it’s early, it’s Friday and I am already thinking about all the things I need to do at work.  This brain can handle only so much!

Gina OUT

American Idol – Beatles Night

Shout out to my childhood friend Jon, who LOVES the Beatles.  Hope you don’t cringe too much!  🙂

Aaron Kelly (o1) – Long and Winding Road – Aaron, your eyebrows don’t bother me as much this week.  Good sign?  I think you did a good job, I enjoyed this song more than your previous ones.  Some high moments, I suppose.  But it wasn’t GREAT.  You had a few weak moments.

Katie Stevens (02) – Let it Be – a favorite song for many.  Big shoes to fill.  I think your “modernization” steps were weak, out of tune, and messed up the song.  But who am I to judge?  You sounded good in a lot of places girl.  Remember, I am a fan.  But I am yawning a little.

Andrew Garcia (03) – Can’t Buy me Love – that’s what I am talking about!  You took a classic, well liked song that can live on its own merits, and made it your own.  Made it contemporary without bastardizing it.  I LOVED the change in time signature, too!  The musician in me LOVED it and the person who would buy a CD is pulling out their wallet!  The judges need to be kicked.

Michael Lynche (04) – Elinore Rigby – you have a great voice, man.  I really like it.  I actually liked your rendition and you’re right – the strings rocked.  You’re a good stage performer, too.  High five to you this week.

Crystal Bowersox (05) – Come Together – I love her voice!  So natural, so talented, so AWESOME!  Do we really need to keep voting because we have our winner!  I will admit this is nothing new, there were no style changes or anything, just her fantastic voice and natural talent.  I love her.

Tim Urban (06) – All My Loving – okay, is it wrong for me that I am hoping he goes home this week?  His hair almost looked styled tonight!  And I have to say, I liked how he started the song.  I think I just tapped my foot a little.  I actually am thinking I might even LIKE him after this song.  A hint of Plain White T’s.  I like them.  Sorry Tim, I don’t want you to go home this week, afterall.

Casey James (07) – Jealous Guy – great guitar playing.  Nice curley hair.  Rings on your right hand?  Didn’t like them too much.  And your singing was……okay.  I am not trembling with excitement like I did last week.  But your voice was good.  Bluesy.  Raspy.  But you didn’t connect with me man.  Okay.

Siobhan Magnus (08) – Across the Universe – Deana likes her, she’s got that “different” vibe about her.  Punk-ish.  Rebel.  But me?  I don’t get Siobhan.  I don’t especially like her singing either.  Her screams are not “amazing” to me.  And this song did nothing to change my mind.  Oh no!  Deana just said, “she picked a bad song”.  You’re toast, Siobhan.

Lee DeWyze (09) – Hey Jude – wow, dangerous to pick such a well-known song.  Deana, before he even started, said “I’m gonna like it.”  I have to say, his voice is well suited for the song.  That rasby throat thingy!  His ownership of the song and subtle changes were very nice.  The Scottish dude was a nice touch, reminds me of my recent trip to Scotland!  And he showed personality during the song – nice.  He kind of reminded me of Paul a little.  He just moved up a notch or two for me.

Best of the night – Crystal, Lee, and Andrew

Might be going home – Katie or Siobhan (I vote for the latter)

Mountains and Oceans and – wow! – I’m in Texas!

Having lived in California 98.2% of my life, there were things I obviously took for granted.  In N Out.  Yogurtland.  Mexican food.  60 degree weather in the darkness of winter.  The ability to purchase hard alcohol in the grocery store, even on Sundays.  The Pacific Ocean, usually within an hour drive.  Mountains, not only to greet me with their majestic peaks (with or without that beautiful snow), but also to help me remember which way north was.

So it’s a bit of a cultural shock to be reminded, day after day, that these things are not part of my daily life.  Well, I don’t drink hard liquor everyday of course, but it IS weird to hear Deana say “well, I was going to make you Bloody Marys this weekend, but didn’t want to drive all the way to Plano to get the vodka.”  And almost 50% of the mornings are filled with sharp, ripping winds that – at least internally – make me think a tornado is just around the corner.  I cannot just get in my car to drive the coast, nor swing by Disneyland to see the fireworks, nor even make my taco salad with the green sauce I’ve been using most of my life.  Some days, I just can’t get my wits about me…..I am off kilter a bit!

But there ARE nice things about Texas, there really is!  I can buy a handgun pretty darn easily, and even carry it around.  I can ride a motorcycle without a helmet.  (Don’t worry, my California friends, I would never do that!).  I can drive my car and talk on my phone and don’t need to hide it if I see a cop (of course, not in a school zone!).  I can eat Tex-Mex food to my heart’s content.  I can say “boy, I’d love some tri-tip today!” and see the baffled faces of the Texas around me, who have no idea what that is.  (Seriously!)  I can use phrases like, “he’s really buff” and also see confusion abound.  And hey, gas prices here are still pretty darn low!

But I have to admit, as if you haven’t realized already, I am missing California.  I am missing all the little and big things that have been home to me my entire life.  I am missing the friends and family that have gladly partaken and partied with me and my kids for a long time.  I am missing seeing joggers and bicyclists everywhere.  I am missing you, Golden State, and all that you offer – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  But I am NOT missing Du-par’s!  🙂

Gina OUT!