Dealing With Hysteria

Okay, I almost WISH I could be treated for Hysteria, but then what would you think of me?

I am instead referring to two things; first, the “catch all” diagnosis of pretty much every female symptom that may arise and their related treatment for centuries, and secondly the movie Hysteria, which chronicles real events in the fictional realm.  This was a funny, frustrating, and eye opening movie that had a pretty good story line, though some aspects were a bit easy to predict.  However, it DOES bring to mind a big part of world history and also the creation and continued popularity of the “electric massager”.  Brand names have included the “Jolly Molly”, among others.

I will not talk much more about this movie or the related topic, but feel free to follow the link and subsequent links to find out more!  And women, unite!  Let’s stick together and fight that hysteria!  🙂