Astronomy was a KILLER!!!!!

But somehow – most likely the Grace of God! – I got an A!!!! Dun dun dun! I so can’t believe it! I thought I MIGHT get a B (just barely) so this is a very pleasant surprise that I appreciate very much.

Thanks again to everyone who has been cheering me up and making me laugh during this busy time of life!


Update again!

Hello everyone (or at least, my 2.78 readers!). Here are some quick updates:

1) Finger is doing much better. Once the swelling went down, it hurt much less. It’s still very tender and my knuckle still hurts, but I am managing quite well.

2) I finished my Sociology class, which frees up my Mondays (for now) and reduces my homework. Oh, and I received an A!

3) I finished my online Astronomy class (thank you Jesus!). This class was very hard for me, including the Calculus calculations and required memorization – LOTS of homework! But I got a B on my final and probably will get a B in the class. Even if I get a C, that is enough for credit for Biola.

My Management class is still very homework heavy – I should be doing it right now in fact! – but with a bit more free time after finishing two classes I don’t feel as overwhelmed. At least there are only three more classes for this!

My Ethics class, which goes through the end of June, is also keeping me busy, but I think it will be a good busy.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement during this “Gina has no life” phase!!!!

Yep, I am updating my blog!

Some cool pics from my new MacBook Pro, taken at work!

Here is Liz, Cat, and Pete

Here is Pete, Cat, Gina #1, and Bev

Here are my two “angels”, Rosie and Wanda. They are sometimes mean to me.

So, I am loving my new laptop and even learning a thing or two (thanks Pete!). But I haven’t had as much time as I would like as SCHOOL IS VERY CRAZY RIGHT NOW! Here is an excerpt from an email I recently sent:

I will not be having a life for the next several weeks. This Principles of Management class is HEAVY on the workload. Next week I have about 175 pages to read, 10 papers to write, and there is an ongoing group project that needs to already start and which I will need to go to Inglewood on a non-school day…….

And that’s just ONE class! Not to mention the following:

Final for Sociology on Monday
Final for Astronomy next week
Ongoing Romans class
A final essay due this Thursday in Leadership
My next class Org Ethics starts next week and I don’t even know how heavy the workload will be

I am not telling you this to get applause, just to let you know I covet your prayers and I need grace and understanding as I will not have a life and will not have much time for anything but school……


So, that is pathetic me. Sorry if I don’t update this blog as often, or if my updates whine and cry about how I don’t have a life. I will try to be “Peppy Gina” and share some funny stories about Deana, my kids, something stupid I have done like trip while crossing the street, or some such nonsense. BUT, I would be remiss if I didn’t clearly state MY NEW LAPTOP ROCKS!

Love to you all!

The world is changing!!!!!

Well, as anyone who REALLY knows me can attest, I am a geek. I LOVE technology very much. I don’t like to shop much (“you’re going to the mall? I think I will stay home……”), TV only has a few good shows…….but tell me you’re going to Best Buy or talk about the latest SmartPhone and I am WAY interested! I chomp at the bit to get the latest and greatest technology and I enjoy learning about all the new bells and whistles.

One thing I should point out, though, is that I’ve been a Windows or PC person my entire life. I know what I am doing when I use PCs – I can set up networks, can troubleshoot, am pretty savvy or know who to call if I can’t figure something out. I am a Nerd with a capital N!

I should also mention I have been loyal to PCs – when others would tell me that Macs were way superior or some such nonsense, I would set them straight. I would point out all the things I knew or did or just ignored them.

Not saying that PCs have changed……but I have!

You see, I did a crazy thing on Friday. I went to the Brea Mall (this kind of ticked off Deana, who usually loves to go there and I never want to go…..), went to the Apple Store, and ended up buying a MacBook Pro (which is a laptop). SHOCK! Yes, you heard me right! It was a little impulsive, much out of character, and might not have happened if I had been able to reach Deana on the cell (as she is often my voice of reason). But I bought it and, well, I think I am now a Mac person!

No, I am not going to hate PCs and I am not going to diss them (well, at least not yet!). But I have to tell you, this Mac is so freaking easy to use, set itself up for most things like my Yahoo! pop mail account, my home network, and such. I also purchased Office for Mac and let me just say…..Entourage – the version of Outlook for Mac – is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! It has things that I would only DREAM about in Outlook, especially the Project Center! Wow.

But best of all, the “cheap” DVD and Movie programs (well, you know, the ones that come with the computer) are SO FREAKING AMAZING! For a DVD I was trying to generate last week, I did in 5 minutes what I was trying to do before and the outcome is so much superior! It is amazing and now I want to go crazy with that stuff!

Okay, I know I am a nerd. I know I am weird. We’ve established that! But this is a very new concept for me and I wanted to share. I remember reading my friend Tony’s blog a year or so ago and he said similar things about his new Mac and I rolled my eyes a bit……but he was right! Oh, and I forgot to mention – this baby boots up so fast because there is NO VIRUS SCANS!!!!

Pete, thanks for convincing me to check this out……I think I love you! 🙂

May 10th……

Sorry to those of you who have been waiting for an update – my intentions are good but I’ve heard something about that not being enough…….

Yesterday was Kenny’s 12th birthday – it’s amazing how 12 years can take so long to go by, yet seem like a blur. The day started quite differently than any other day…..Kenny and I went in the jacuzzi at about 5:20am. Sounds crazy! This all started because I was unable to swim with everyone on the 9th (the birthday celebration day) because of homework. SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless but has two adorable kids named Zack and Sophia) suggested Kenny request I go swimming with him the next morning. I agreed but didn’t think Kenny would actually wake up……WRONG!

The funny thing is, we had a BLAST in the jacuzzi! It was quiet, we watched the morning light get brighter as we sat out there, and we had some awesome one-on-one time. We talked about when I was pregnant with Kenny, his birth, how crazy he was as a baby, things I remembered over the past 12 years…….it was just a real blessing to have this time with Kenny. I think I will remember this moment for years to come, and I hope Kenny does too.

Some memories of Kenny:

  • For background, when Kirstie was born she SCREAMED a cry that pretty much was heard around the world. However, when Kenny was born he had this tiny little cry that you could barely hear. I was like, “what is wrong with him?” but he was okay, just quiet!
  • Kenny’s first huge memorial event – the first diaper change at home…..he “baptized” his dad and Kirstie and it was so funny! (I, however, was spared – for which I still thank him today!)
  • Kenny had no fear when he was a baby – even before he could walk, he would be an “extreme crawler”. This often sent waves of fear through his mother, who had to begin dying her hair due to the gray streaks he caused.
  • Kenny’s lack of fear only became worse when he grew older – mister “climbing machine” was found in many precarious positions over the years……dangling over the side of his crib, always at the highest point of the furniture in the room, etc.
  • Kenny’s hair is SOOOOOO curly, that I would pull one of his curls and it would come out like 7 to 8 inches! When I would wash his hair, it would go to the middle of his back! However, when it was dry it was very short due to the curls. (That is one of the reasons he has very short hair now, because he told me at about 4 years old that “curls are for girls”. I am not sure he still has this very curly hair, but imagine that would be the case!)
  • Most of all, I love Kenny’s heart. He’s always been very caring, loving, and respectful. He used to cuddle with me so much and run his fingers through my hair (which he insisted I could not cut). He has backed off from that a little but he’s still sweet!

I will try to write more memories later!

Kenny’s celebration was AWESOME! Deana and Steph took the kids to Disneyland, then we had a Jurassic Party for him – yep, reptiles at 6428! I will post pics soon and elaborate, but check out Deana’s blog for more info on that!

Gina out!

Shame on WB!

But I forgave her because she got me a flashlight that looks like a cow and moos. Pic to follow.
But here is why I put her friendship on probation, I received the following email:
I hope this never happens to 9803
I have been tramatized, but remember I forgave her today.

My mundane things of great joy

Not a great pic, but here is the group of “My Cows” (9803 is in there somewhere!)
Okay, I have been told on several occassions that I am kind of weird – maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But, either way, I am confident enough to share with you my life and let YOU decide!

Having said that, I must catch my beloved 2.78 readers up!

Living in the beloved “Inland Empire” of Southern California, I have many ways to drive home from work that avoid the dreaded freeways. As we are surrounded by dairy farms in bordering cities, I usually drive past several farms on a daily basis. (And no, I do NOT smell the cows anymore!) One dairy is located on a corner where there is a stop sign. Over the months I began to “bond” with the cows on this farm, as they would eat their hay right on the corner and, being a smaller farm, it was easy to see the same cows day after day.

So, you ask, how do I know they are the same cows? Well, first of all, cows have personalities! But probably more importantly, they have ear tags……

ANYWAY, each morning I would REALLY stop at this stop sign (no California roll for me there!) and either verbally or mentally say “Hello my cows! How is everyone today?” Further, there was one cow that seems to have an awesome personality, and over the the course of time we bonded. This cow is named “My Cow”, or cow 9803. When I would look at them, she often would lift her head in such a way that it seemed she was saying “‘Sup?”. I love her. I often would find myself scanning the tags so quickly on my way home (when I didn’t have the benefit of the stop sign) to just check on her. Her orange tag would shine for me and all would be good in the world.

Except on day I drove by and there were no orange tags! The cows eating the hay had very small blue tags and, well, were not my cows! I was heartbroken because THESE cows didn’t have a bond with me. And most concerning, where was MY cow?!?!!?! Then I would wonder, would the owner of the farm think I am weird if I asked where 9803 went? Probably, nix that idea.

Frantic thoughts went through my mind – okay, dairy farms don’t sell their cows for meat factories, do they? What happens if the cow gets old and doesn’t produce milk? What if they sold the cows and now they are in Ohio or something and the winters will be so much harder for them? (See, I HAVE seen the commercials about California Cows being much happier!)

All these thoughts swirled in my mind for weeks. With each drive by, my heart became more hardened. I didn’t even LOOK at the new cows! The lack of my big orange tag sent depression through my veins.


I was driving home, purposely driving past the corner acting as if I really didn’t care that my cow was gone and that is SO STUPID anyway because seriously, they are just cows and I should just be glad there is milk in my fridge. Then, after I passed the usual location on the corner, I proceeded down the street. This area has a larger field that usually has cows, but they would not often congregate at the gate as they would on the corner. Today, however, there were several cows hanging out at the fence. Suddenly, something caught my eye – a big, orange tag! Slamming on my brakes, I looked and the number was 9803! MY COW!!!!!

I wish I could say that I hung out and conversed with my beloved cow, catching up on her life that I have missed for the last few weeks. However, the car approaching behind me ruined our reunion – sheesh! But my heart is so much better now that I know she is safe and sound on the dairy farm!

So, if you’ve noticed I’ve been a little down, this was the cause and now I am better!

Okay, so maybe I’m a little weird.

Quick Prayer Request

Update – Thanks for praying – just wanted to let you know that they had to reschedule the surgery for Deana’s dad to next week because the doctors forgot to tell him to stop taking his blood thinning meds. So he will stop taking them today and his system should be ready in about a week.

Hey Everyone,

If you think of it, please pray for Deana and her family this morning – her dad is going in for open heart surgery at 7am PDT. Obviously his heart needs help, but there are other factors with his health that make this surgery even more risky.

Deana, her sister Stephanie, and the kids are about to leave – yep, it’s pretty early here.

I will update the blog if/when I hear more.