Knowing those you love

How well should we know the people we love? Should we know what makes them feel valued? Should we notice when their souls have been damaged? Should we know when things are not right?

I answer yes to those things but I am a minority I guess – or at least someone who has too many expectations. And I am not even that good at noticing things so maybe I am a hypocrite, too.

What I DO know is that I need to accept everyone else’s bad day, bad mood, physical pain, being tired, etc. But the time I need to express these emotions or feeling they are not allowed or appreciated. It seems as though the thing I add to this world that is most appreciated is my “happiness” and enthusiasm. Well, sometimes even Super Gina has a bad day and just needs to cry. But I guess I am not allowed, because in doing so I mess everyone else’s life up.

Sorry for being such a downer – even through this blog I am feeling guilty for not being Miss Positive! Or maybe I am scared because there is a very real risk of losing my friends and family if I don’t offer the image they know and love.

You know what though – if I hear one more time how I should appreciate all the things others do for me I will scream. God knows I don’t ask for half of it and the implication that I don’t appreciate it is absurd. Oh wait, there is where I am supposed to crack a joke and make everyone laugh – that is what my life amounts to.

Okay, enough for feeling sorry for myself.

Saying I’m Sorry

We are all guilty of this, one time or another. Saying “I’m sorry” and then following it with “but” or some other phrase. “I am sorry, but you didn’t understand what I was saying” or “I am sorry I hurt you, but I didn’t mean what you thought I meant”, etc. ANYTHING that you add to your sorry, in my opinion, negates your apology – except for maybe something like “when I said that, it was wrong”, or the specifics for what you’re apologizing for.

To me, any EXCUSE, DECLARATION, EXPLANATION, DEFENSE, OR ANY SUCH STATEMENT does not belong in an apology. To me, you might as well as “I am sorry, but you are really at fault because you shouldn’t have been upset in the first place because what I was REALLY saying was…….” or “I am sorry, but only that you were hurt because I didn’t INTEND on hurting you so maybe it’s really your fault that you were hurt in the first place.” Or “I am sorry, but it really wasn’t my fault because so and so made me mad so I wasn’t mad at you and so really, I didn’t do anything wrong in the first place.”

To me, to say “I am sorry, I was wrong” speaks VOLUMES MORE than 5,000 words eloquently spoken. Saying “I am so sorry for doing that, it was wrong.” and leaving it at that seems to be sincere. To me, it implies a real apology and that, no matter what caused the offense, the person apologizing is sorry it happened. Period. No excuse or explanation needed.

Seriously – think of someone who has apologized to you recently.

I am guilty of this, too.

But that’s just me. I’ve been told my views have been way off and this might be one of them. But this is my blog so there you go.