Nancy Goens 9/23

I can’t take her tirade, cussing, or harassment anymore. Contact me for her description via the contact page or comment here and I won’t post it. See earlier post referring to her arrest and conviction. She is not an attorney nor should you give her private information.

As a reminder:

Nancy was convicted of credit card fraud and elderly abuse as noted in my previous posts.  She has never shown any violence however, but it is important that you protect your personal information.  If you meet her, do not give her any opportunity or access to your personal information.  If she becomes aggressive or belligerent to you in any way, just indicate you are calling the police and she will probably back down.

If you have concerns or feel that Nancy has committed any type of crime, please report the information to the police or San Diego County Probation Office.  Nancy is on probation with San Diego County.  Case number:  313278.  Probation Office phone:   (858) 514-3148    Or, you may direct complaints to:  You may also contact Oceanside Police Department, Detective Kendall Sadler, who is well aware of Nancy’s history and public criminal record.

Taken from the official County of San Diego Superior Court, public record and obtained via the internet.goens case

A Comment about Nancy Goens 9/6

Message received on 9/6/13 at 7:42pm Central – names are not being posted but the information has been verified:

As a result of this very blog site, I was saved from any further theft and I say a heartfelt THANK YOU!! This email is dated 09/06/2013 and Nancy was indeed STILL working innocent and trusting people just like myself. I am paying this message forward so anyone like me will be “saved” from theft or worse. I got approaced by this person as a very concerned, caring, confident helper for my cat and from there it went to caring for my elderly mom . She went above and beyond the duties we agreed to pay her for. Nancy is therefore back in custody as result of her actions and once again it was only because of this blog site that I was able to retain this information. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Details from Gina:

Nancy’s arrest has been confirmed at this site.  As it updates, best to use this link to get the latest and greatest info.  However, since it will go away once a judgment is reached, I am going to post a screen shot so that if she gets out Nancy can’t call me a liar and fabricator of information to “slander” her.  Remember, Nancy is on probation and it appears that she has violated that as well as created new crimes, which are noted as a felony in this most recent arrest.  If you or someone you love have been in the care of Nancy, please check out your/their finances (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.) and contact the police if you find anything amiss.  In fact, if she had access to your house and ultimately your purse/wallet, you may want to call your credit card company and get new CC numbers to protect you from fraud.  Nancy has been known to copy down the CC number and use them later.  PLEASE check your cards for weird activity – if you see anything amiss – ANYTHING – report it.  Please, help protect others and REPORT ANY WEIRD CHARGES OR BANK WITHDRAWALS/ACTIVITY TO THE POLICE.

Nancy 9-5

A Comment about Nancy Goens 9/5

Message received on 9/5/13 at 6:50pm Central – names are not being posted but the information has been verified:

I would like to reply to the comments that have been stated here for Nancy Goens. I too have been a victim of Nancy. Please read my post and the previous posts. They are very important. She has been arrested seven times previously for elder abuse, theft, and forgery, among other things. Please be really careful if you come across this person. Call the detective and/or the police department. The detective’s name and number is listed on Google under her name and on this blog. She will come across very sympathetic and eager to help you. But, make no mistake, she will steal from you. She has been caught in numerous lies. She has been arrested as of today. But, unfortunately, the judge presiding over this case may release her. She is desperate for money, and has been known to steal from people, especially elderly people. She gets in their good graces and lies to them, and then steals from them. She cannot be trusted. Call the detective or police department!!!!

Empower the Victim

Disclaimer: any threats submitted by Nancy Goens to this site will be immediately forwarded to the authorities. Thank you.

A few months ago I received the following comments from a reader of this site:

“Thank you so much for this blog, you saved me future damage from Nancy because I found your comments.  She had already done damage, but because my gut concern was confirmed here, I was able to remove her from doing more.  Please keep up the good work so that others can be protected, too.”

Here is an older one (edited version):

“I have been talking to Nancy online for several weeks…..too many parallels to your story so I am glad to be saved from “one dinner” and having more issues!” 

So, this blog as it concerns Nancy Goens is a public service……over two dozen people who have had brief interactions or who have been seriously taken by Nancy have personally reached out and thanked me for this site.  And whether anyone thinks they are my OPINIONS of Nancy or otherwise that I have a fixation, they may be right.  My opinion of Nancy is poor, but my goal is to to protect my fellow Americans from her.  THAT is what drives me.  You can accept my opinions of her or not – call me biased, deranged, or whatever – but the facts speak for themselves.

I obtained the following PUBLIC information from – Nancy has listings under CIVIL as well as CRIMINAL types for NORTH COUNTY and also CRIMINAL under SAN DIEGO.

North County Civil (1997) –

North County Civil (2005) –

North County Criminal (2012 – the one I have most recently talked about, though the incarceration link no longer works you’ve probably read the email I received when she was released) –

San Diego Criminal (2003) –

So, if you think I have an ax to grind, I do.  Because I fell for her delightful charisma and great personality, not once BUT TWICE.  And my family suffered very much under that huge mistake on my part and I will do WHATEVER I CAN to make sure others are not as gullible and easily duped by this mastermind of mind games and lies.  Because the sad truth is, she caused havoc to people before me, continued and did worse to people after me, and probably will do it again.  SHE HAS A GREAT PERSONALITY BUT DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU.  Let the records speak for her true character more than any words I can post here. 

And I quote the following from a detective that is familiar with Nancy “several victims stated Nancy was so nice to them, they never suspected she would victimize them.”  My prayer is that if you’re reading this, you will not fall into any trap laid out by Nancy.


Nancy Goens Update – No Longer in Custody

FYI she has been released from jail and is on probation.  She pleaded guilty to the felony charges she faced and if she violates them in any form, she will return to jail for a few years.  If you meet Nancy, please be aware that she has been accused and pleaded guilty to forgery, elderly theft, and more.  While she may stay on the straight and narrow, you deserve to know this.  And she is also very charismatic and will seem very convincing that she really didn’t do anything wrong.  But the truth is, she is a professional con artist.  BEWARE.

Here is the email notification I received concerning Nancy:


This e-mail is to inform you that NANCY GOENS has been released from custody as of 2/27/2013.  As a result, you will no longer receive email notifications concerning this offender under your current registration with VINE.  If you have any concerns about your immediate safety, contact your local law enforcement agency, or if you have an emergency, call 911.

For more information, contact the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office.  The telephone number is (619)531-3200.

This notification is sponsored by the California State VINE Service.  It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

Thank you,


2012 Update on Nancy Goens

As people still find this blog and reach out to me, I wanted anyone who finds this to be aware of the latest information.  On 12/14/12, Nancy was arrested for several felony offenses.  I believe she was arraigned the following week and her court date is scheduled for 1/13/13.  You can get more detail on this site.

If you feel that Nancy has defrauded you or committed a crime against you, please contact Detective Sadler at Oceanside Police 760-435-4802




More Info Coming Soon…..

…..and other items my intentions tell me to do, but sometimes never appear!

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t put together my Year End Recap.  I obviously will not make it by today, but I DO plan on doing something here this weekend.  So for my thousands of readers…….well, maybe that’s an overstatement…….stay tuned!

Message to Nancy G. – girl, just come clean and admit you’re not dead.  No need to try to get to me through bogus comments or fake FB people.  Tell me what you’ve been up to.  Tell me, are you working on the reservation or are they so big they have their own internet company that provides you service?  What can I do to you now?  Even if I had the means to kick your a$$, I wouldn’t.

Anyway, today is Joe’s last day.  He’s the guy I am replacing.  I don’t think I’ve described him in detail here……making a note to do that this weekend, too.  But now I must get ready for work!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Gina OUT

Nancy Goens – Psychopath UPDATED SOME MORE

NOTE 6/7/10:  I have had no direct contact with Nancy Goens since May 2009, although she periodically reads this blog.  However, I have also learned from several sources that she continues to try to take advantage and lie to people even today.  I have been exposed to many people who have been hurt by her in the last year.  I don’t mean to slander her in any way, but word to the wise – CONFIRM IN WRITING if she tells you she is a professional anything! Better yet, call her work to confirm she actually works there! Confirm with your own eye, and without her assistance, any information she tells you.  And do NOT let her have access to any of your personal information, etc.  If she’s legit, find out for yourself.

Original post:

You are a very, very sick person. And a worse liar. A very bad liar, actually. AND VERY CRUEL TO HONEST, CARING PEOPLE!!!!!! And, unfortunately, even though I have already begun asking God to help me forgive you, that doesn’t mean you won’t have consequences for your actions. Know that your job, the police, and the legal system will be involved.

And faking your death? Wow. A new low……..and so unnecessary! WHO DOES THAT??????

FYI – deleting your FB account does NOT delete incriminating messages stating job offers and other items……

Gina is amazed how little people are, but rest in the fact that God is WAY bigger

Cheryl WAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
Deana Yes, He is and the TRUTH always comes to the surface. It is just a shame the friendships that are lost over disloyality and lies.

Tuesdays after Birthdays

Okay, I have about 10 minutes to jot down a few words about my birthday weekend.

  • First of all, Nancy Goens DID write again, although she assured me “she is done” now. I will let you know if that remains the case.
  • Friday night traffic was a bear, but Rita was still able to salvage the night; we went out to dinner and then she gave me some presents. She had hints on each present so I would have to try to figure them out… was very fun! The coolest present – which happens to be the reason I am writing this right now – is a USB wireless modem! So I can get on the internet anywhere I need to (that doesn’t already have a wireless connection)!!!!
  • Saturday, Edgar, Rita, Kirstie, Kenny and Josh really DID take me out to bowl! Those stinkers took advantage of the fact they could beat me with my bum shoulder! I bowled right handed and did pretty darn good actually! Although Rita had a stellar first game at 157! Kirstie had to go to work, but she got some great frames in too and we all have great fun together.
  • Then, we all went to Dave & Busters for dinner and more fun. Kenny won me a huge pink stuffed animal for my birthday. We also played tons of games. Note here that I totally whooped Rita in basketball…..she tried several times afterward to beat my score, but didn’t come close. Ba ha ha ha.
  • The boys came to my place and spent the weekend, which was great fun. One funny end to my birthday is that I bought Kenny an early Christmas present – DRUMS! Well, they will be at Edgar’s house and I bought practice pads for them, but it was SO FUN to pick them out, set them up, and play on them! He has already gotten pretty good at the basic rhythm I taught him! It was nice being able to get the drums considering I have been unable to for a long time.

That’s about it for now. School is still going, I am still getting settled, and my shoulder continues to heal. In fact, I can go about 6-8 hours before I even think about pain pills now. It is encouraging. I start physical therapy this Friday.

Okay, I better get back to work!