Another Weekend GONE!

It was a great weekend.  I spent yesterday with friends playing, what else?, Guitar Hero!  We got the new game, Aerosmith, and it’s COOL!  Rona and I were rocking the house!  Steve and Stephanie did a great job, too.  Shout out to them for BUYING the game for Rona!  Woohoo!

Word of the Day:

Fixation – an obsessive or unhealthy preoccupation or attachment

I had the opportunity of discussing this phenomenon with my therapist recently.  It’s interesting when people fixate on things that don’t make much sense.  I am nowhere near an expert on this, but I have witnessed it a time or two “in nature”.  Perhaps a gift I yearn for is how to RESPOND to such manifestations.  I could definitely learn for sure!

On another note, you may remember Rona’s “Trilogy” comment…..well, here’s a new spin on that!

And here is how kids change:

(and yes, that’s a Minard nose!)

Okay, have to go – there’s another beach day tomorrow and I want to be READY to boogie board with the boys!


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