Update on my Life

Howdy Peeps!

Not that anyone really reads this blog, but sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My hands have been pretty full holding things together (similar to me holding Drew and Victoria up in Italy.) But I am surviving.

For I time I had FOUR classes at once; Statistics, Multicultural Psychology, English Literature, and Western Civilization. I finished Stats and psych, and have since started Theology & the Christian Life (which is harder than I expected!). But statistics really freaked me out and was the hardest class I have had to date! I am told that what we learned will be used lots in my Biola research project, but I am VERY glad it is over!

The kids are doing great as well; Kirstie takes her DMV behind the wheel test next week, Kenny is being more responsible at school, and Josh is going thru a growth spurt right now. All are healthy so that is awesome!

Nothing else really to complain about! I have a boatload of reading to do, so I best get back to it! I also have a few essays to pull together, too!