Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  You’ve been writing this blog since June 2005, wow!  Why did you start?

A:  I have always loved to write, and well I am a “techno-nerd”.  The two work well together when considering the beginning of a blog – it is a beautiful union of the need to write with technology.  And I guess the narcissist in me loves that I have 2.78 followers, dying to read my thoughts.

Q:  You seem to have an affinity for discussing Christianity on this blog.  Are you a theologian?

A:  No, I am not.  I DID go to a bible college and received a minor in Biblical Studies, not to mention I’ve carried around a Bible for several decades.  But listen, I ain’t no theologian.  I love my faith, although there may be things I post here that you don’t agree with.  I will do my best to note when I am quoting others, etc.  And please, leave a comment especially if you don’t agree!  I love to be challenged.

Q:  Speaking of affinity, why do you ramble so much?

A:  If you really met me, you’d see that I talk……A LOT!  Part of it is because I am very outgoing and, well, kind of goofy.  But I have been called a motor mouth for more years than I care to note.  Having said that, this characteristic of mine also touches my blog.  Rambling is what I do.  Call it the Seinfeld of blogs – a lot about nothing.  And it’s all free!

Q:  What is the deal with this Nancy Goens person?

A:  Ah, well I’ve had more readers come to this blog due to Nancy.  So much so, that I have created a category just for this subject.  Bottom line, if you have questions about Nancy that you want to talk to me about, email me or comment on one of the Nancy posts – I won’t post the comments for others to see.  Note that all references regarding Nancy on this blog can be substantiated by email/fax/saved texts and no private information (phone numbers, addresses, information not specific to my interaction with Nancy) will be shared.

Q: Do you HONESTLY think left handers are better than right handers?

A: “Better than?”  Naw.  But I will say for sure that lefties rock…..and are probably the most humble people you’ll ever meet.

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