A Blatant Plug

So this is my daughter.  I love her.  And I love her voice.  Now, while that may not surprise you, since I AM her mother and all, but this is actually very good!  She is singing into her COMPUTER; no mic, no effect, and in fact she’s practicing.  But she rocks.

Breaking Tradition – Special Wednesday Song

Okay, so Wednesday is SUPPOSED to be Metal Day!  But, since I hold the keys to this blog, I can break the rules!  And here’s why:

Last night, just as I was getting into bed (literally!), I get a text from Kirstie saying, “Hey Ma are you home?”  I replied yes and she said, “Get online, I need to show you something.”  So I putz onto my computer, log onto iChat, and say “what’s up?”  She sends me an iTunes file of the song White Horse, by Taylor Swift, except instead of Taylor singing, it was Kirstie!

Now let me tell you, I have ALWAYS thought Kirstie was an excellent singer.  I tried to get her to sing a church a few times and even thought she had talent when she was four.  But she would have none of it.  And I am kicking myself now because this very primitive recording is – in my humble opinion – awesome!  (Yes, I know I am extremely biased…..)  So, without even consulting her, I have added the music to some random pics and uploaded it to YouTube.  So now, please check it out and enjoy!

Gina OUT!