Okay, no sermon today!

I am not as irritated with life today, so no heavy reading I promise!!!

Today has been a beautiful day so far. The sky is a gorgeous blue and the neighborhood is quiet. My cat, Lucky, is sitting lovingly on my lap as I type. My perfect-strength coffee is in a cup beside me and I am enjoying this beautiful house I live in – things are good!

That brings me to some of the events that occurred this week. When I was growing up, my family had this tradition of having hot dogs, beans, and tater tots every Monday….Monday Night Football, to be exact. Farmer John Weiners, pork n beans, and Ore Ida were a must. Doesn’t sound very gourmet, but I loved it. I also loved watching football with my Dad every week – a special memory that lives in my heart.

Well, driving home this past Wednesday, I got a craving for this exact dinner! I hadn’t had it in years! So I called my Dad and said “Hey, guess what I am eating tonight!!!!!” It’s really gourmet (say the “T”).

This simple interacting made me realize, as I often do, how wonderful my childhood was and how great my Dad is. I love him very much. Some of you may have heard me talk about him, and I have been told that it’s very clear that I love him. Well, I do. He is a wonderful man – not just to his kids, but to everyone. He is very intelligent, but not a snob. He is very confident, but not arrogant. He is very strong, but compassionate. He is wonderful.

He currently is a Funeral Director at Rose Hills – a perfect job for him because he is very much a calming force, but strong emotionally that seems to say to people “don’t worry, I am here and will take care of you”. Well, the last few weeks on of the arrangers at Rose Hills had the sad event of her own mother passing away. Do you know what? This woman, who arranges funerals everyday and knows all the funeral directors, requested my Dad to handle the funeral. THAT speaks volumes, doesn’t it???? So you are not just reading the adoration of a daughter…..he touches people!!!

So, anyway, I have so much to be thankful for – but today I am focusing on how my Dad touched and molded me, and loved me so perfectly. (Well, he still does, and that continues to bless me). So yes, today is a great day!!!!

I pray that you have someone (or someones) in your life who has touched you in the same way!