Need your help FAST!

Okay peeps, you might remember I am in a Statistics class in my MBA program!  And, well, Gina waited a bit too long to begin asking people me survey questions and, thus far, my sample is kind of small.  So if you could PLEASE answer the following questions asap, that would totally help me out!

Do you give blood?    Yes    No
If so, how often?    < 1x a year    1 time a year    > 1x a year
If not, why?    It hurts    I don’t like needles    Blood freaks me out    No reason
Are you aware of the requirements for donating to babies?    Yes    No
If you knew, would that change your mind regarding donating?    Yes    No

Demographic Information
Gender    Male    Female
Age    <20    21-35    36-49    >49

Please email your responses to

Thanks so much!  Some of you may receive an email from me so sorry if this is duplicated!


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