I am SO HAPPY!!!!

Okay, I didn’t want to mention anything sooner, but you HAVE heard that I don’t really like the job that I received at Gretchen Fox.  The drive alone is enough to turn me into Queen Cranky!  But there are real issues with the way they do business – like they want to dock salary peeps if they leave early or lied to me as they don’t offer benefits.

ANYWAY, going back during the summer, I had contacted a company I had worked for 10 years ago.  At the time they no longer needed to fill the Accounting/Office Manager position so I said thanks and let me know.

Well, last Friday, after ending another HORRIBLE week at work, but reminding myself that I am very fortunate to even have a job with this economy, I checked my email.  Bam, there was an email from Corey, a partner from the firm.  He was seeing if I was still interested because things had changed.  It was late, but I replied to his email stating I was still in the market!  Well, he and I met yesterday (Tuesday) and we got each other up to speed on the last 10 years – both professionally and personally.  He was excited to bring me back, but wanted to make sure his partner, Son, was cool as well.  He promised to call me today.

Today was LONG as I waited for his call.  After 4pm I thought maybe he had lost my number and called, but he was unavailable.  He finally called me at about 5:20 and asked, “Why were you calling again?”  I called him a butthead, but to the point I start Monday!  I am SO excited and here is why:

  • This job is in Tustin – aka CLOSE TO HOME.  No more 70 mile one way commute!
  • This job pays WAY better
  • Many of the procedures that were in place when I was the Accounting Supervisor are still in place
  • This is a fair company that follows the rules and is fair in compensation and really offers bennies!

There are more things, but that is the gist of it.  Kenny is SOOOOO excited ’cause he was tired of me getting home at 7:30 or later.  And he misses me in the morning, too.  He just plain misses me.  Kirstie is thrilled too because it’s been almost impossible to see each other!

So WOOHOO!  Special thanks to Kenny and Teddi who did extra prayer duty for me!

To check out where I will be working, click here.

4 thoughts on “I am SO HAPPY!!!!

  1. Dear Gina,
    I am so happy for you that you got your old job back.
    God is really on your side and doing good for you. Glad the
    kids are also doing good. Love you all.
    Aunt Kay

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