Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a BLAST!  It included a fun Friday with friends, a decadent massage on Saturday, a birthday celebration for Edgar’s birthday on Saturday, and skateboarding on Sunday.  Let me describe this all in more detail for you!

Friday my friend Rita as well as Rona hung out and we shared some delicious wine that Rita had recently gotten on her trip through Napa Valley.  Those of you who know me know that I LOVE wine, so this was a very special treat for all of us!

Saturday I had the most amazing massage – the best I have had in the last 2 or 3 times!  It was SO GOOD!  What is funny is that when the woman massage chick called me, she was TINY and very shy…..my first reaction was, “This is gonna suck!”  but she turned out to be VERY good!  Yeah for Gina!

Then it was rushing back to Edgar’s house, where we celebrated his upcoming 47th Birthday.  My Dad and Ellie were there, so it was a great time.  Here are some pics!

Then Kenny told me we “all were going to the Van Skate Park” on Sunday!

Sunday Kenny became a member of the Van Skate Park near our house, along with his friend Ashley.  Edgar took them there and I was going to meet them – I took my bike as it had been in the shop for the past week and I missed it!  The first problem occurred when I realized the offramp I was used to no longer existed!  So I totally got lost, driving around for about 15 minutes looking for the dang mall.  Then I remembered – my phone has GPS!  So I pulled over, got the directions, and got there post haste.

When I finally parked, I tossed my keys into the back cart and immediately said to myself, “That’s probably not a good idea, Gina!  You could lock your keys in there!”  At which point I silently thought back to myself, “Seriously, do you think I would be so stupid?”  So I take off my gloves, my helmet, grab my keys, close the cab, and start walking.  Then I realize I forgot to take off my Adidas jacket and turned around to go back.  That’s when I looked at my keys and realized I had grabbed my CAR keys……the MOTORCYCLE keys were locked inside!

WHAT TO DO?!?!!?!!?

I will not share the thoughts that went through my mind at that point!

Don’t worry, I pride open the cab just enough to get the keys out without causing too much damage.  It IS a big looser and I realized how not secure it is, but I am relieved that I got out of this pickle!

Kenny did an AWESOME job at the skate park and totally rocked the house!

There was more here and there, but these were the exciting happenings for the weekend!  Hope y’all are doing well!

Oh, and I LOVE my new job!

One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. So glad you had such a great week-end. I have never had a massage, but Lori tells me they are wonderful.
    Give Edgar my belated Happy B-day wishes. I wish you had a pic of your Dad & Ellie. Love you.

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