Sorry for being “blacked out”

So I haven’t updated this blog for a few days – sorry!  Let me try to get you up-to-date:

  • Sea World was FUN!  It was a bit of a cold day at first so we stayed dry…..but then it warmed up and we got silly……so silly we thought we could sit up close at the dolphin show.  I mean really, how much splashing can they do?????  Yeah, we were wrong……especially since they use their tails specifically to splash the crowd and yeah…..a dolphin was right in front of us!  We had great fun though!
  • The new job ROCKS!  It is surreal because it has been 10 years since I’ve worked there so things are foggy and “new”, but at the same time I remember enough that it is freaky to be back (in a good way).  I found some documents I had created or worked on…..yeah, weird.  On my first day I was given my old ruler….LOL!  I am kind of anal about rules; they have to be metal with cork.  It had my name on it – and what appears to be Kirstie’s writing for my last name and she was little.  It was cool.
  • School is going well.  The new job has made doing homework MUCH better as the commute is way better.  I ALMOST like statistics, but not quite.
  • Shoulder still sucks but I am trying to ignore it.

Okay, hope that helps my 2.78 readers out!

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