Random Memories

Okay, here are some pics from LAST weekend! I took the boys to the skate park and we went out for Mexican food.

Here is Ken doing one of his moves

Can you tell where the boys get their dramatic flair?

Me and Ken (not my good side lol)

I had a long list of things to do yesterday and only succeeded in accomplishing a few things. In fact, I can’t find the freaking list now! LOL I WAS able to catch up on my sleep and had a nice time hanging with Rona. We haven’t seen each other a lot due to my work and her crazy scheduled as well. I was having a tough morning (pretty cranky), so she was nice enough to offer to ride my scooter with me to get the supplies I needed for it (oil, tire gauge, etc.) She had only taken a quick blip of a ride the night a brought it home and she is kind of a chicken……..so the impending ride was sure to make me laugh! And she didn’t fail me….the very first turn she SWORE (as she screamed) that we almost fell! It was a crack up for sure and she did “okay”, but I WAS forced to take turns so freaking slow! Ha ha. We had a nice lunch, hung out, and it was great to bond again.

On a side note – I am going to be very direct here and I am sorry if it is too blunt for some of my 2.78 readers. Rona and I are best friends. However, we have been accused by some people who really are not important in our lives of having a romantic relationship. This is false, based on nothing credible, and is malicious at best – especially to her as she has been nothing but a support to me. So, if you have heard this rumor, please know it is bunk. If you’d like to discuss this with me personally, shoot me a comment and I will respond (and don’t worry, I won’t post the comment on the site!).

So today is going to be a day of getting things done, most importantly my Statistics homework! Dun dun dun! I didn’t much like this class when I was at Biola and it appears I won’t like it much more this time around, although I do have to say the book I have now is much better! So maybe I will end up enjoying it a bit more……we shall see!

I started writing this at around 6:10…..sigh. I went to bed after 1am and yet I woke up at 5:45 and couldn’t get back to sleep! SHEESH!

Check out my new song here. I actually wrote the bulk of this in August, forgot about it, and finished it yesterday. Yes, I wasted more time when I had tons to do! Oh well is what I say! For those who care about it, I actually only recorded the music part for a few measures and then looped it. Made it very easy to record, but it did cause the music to be a bit redundant. Let me know what you think as this is the first time I’ve done it this way.

Okay, well the sun is finally coming up so I better get my butt in gear! Special shout out to my favorite little friend….you know who you are!

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