Quick Update

Okay – short, sweet, and to the point:

  • Shoulder – no tears but I did strain the ligament connecting my collar bone to my shoulder.  However, I have arthritis in my shoulder (!!!) and the addition of the strain is causing my bones to rub.  So I have two causes of pain remaining.  I need to take meds and rest the arm (um, trying but I am left handed!) and in six weeks if I do not feel better, we will be discussion surgery.  Physical therapy will not help me due to the bones rubbing…..
  • Job – blah.  I try to look at the bright side, I truly do, but the light and tears don’t mix well.  LOL
  • School – made it through the first week but I am not quite yet at the point of liking statistics.  LOL
  • Kids – are doing well.  Kirstie got thru her first major tests in college and I am sure she did well.  Kenny is doing very well this year in school and Josh is rocking as well.  They all seem to be these social butterflies too…..not sure where they get that!  LOL

Okay, gotta get ready!  Gina OUT.

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