End-of-Week Post

Hello peeps – this was a long week for me!  Driving 70 miles one way to work really, really sucks!  I rode my bike two times; the first time was a bit scary, but by yesterday I felt very confident and comfortable.  There were times when I thought, “I was born for this, now I understand what my Dad said about the feeling of riding….the wind in your face, etc.”  Not that riding in traffic is all that fun, but it sure is great to white line when everyone else is stopped!

On that note, I have found that the majority of drivers are kind to bikes – they move over, etc.  I was surprised, however, to find that there are a minority of drivers that not only are oblivious to us bikers, but purposely move to block our way!  What is THAT about?  I don’t understand what the issue is – are they mad because I don’t have to stop?  Hello!  I am one less car filling the freeway with congestion!  Do they think it is wrong for me to pass in between?  It is totally legal.  And most of all, do they really want to be in an accident with a bike?  Sheesh.

Also on that subject – I hate when people clean their windows on the freeway, even when I am in my car.  I mean seriously, hello peeps the water goes behind you for hundreds of feet, getting everyone behind you wet.  What if someone just got their car washed?  What if someone had just cleaned their window and now you messed it up?  And finally, what if there is a motorcyclist behind you and they are getting plummeted with water??  I am just asking people to think about it…..clean your windows when you are stopped.

And throwing cigs out the window when you’re driving…..not only is this illegal as it is littering, but it is very dangerous to have a burning object plummet you when you are on a bike……..

I don’t like my job much.  Won’t get into the details, but most days I just want to cry on the way home.  But it’s a job and I am thankful that I have income coming in.

The kids are doing great – don’t see them nearly as much with the commute, but I spent some time with them Thursday night.  Ken also spends the night several times during the week so that is nice, too.

School started Wednesday – Statistics! – and so far, so good.  Will be spending lots of time on this during the weekend!

Okay, must have more coffee.  Will write more later.

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