Okay, had to post these…..

You may be wondering why I am defending the right of AMERICAN CITIZENS, CONSENTING ADULTS, to choose to formalize their love in the legal and societal structure known as marriage.  While I know many people have already covered much ground in the argument, using the Bible, traditions, moral codes, and what not, here are the main reasons why I am voting NO on Tuesday:

  • Discrimination under the guise of anything is not cool.  Not that long ago in our country, as noted in the first video, interracial marriage was illegal.  Unfortunately, many Christians and their churches used the Bible to propagate this opinion.  It wasn’t cool then and it’s not cool now.  Whether you aree with the homosexual lifestyle or not is not relevant.  I don’t want to argue whether homosexuals are committing sin or not, but even if they ARE, they join all of the rest of humanity who are tainted by their own sin.
  • In my opinion, the following have a bigger impact on ending “tradition marriage”, much more than homosexuals marrying.  Divorce, adultery, spousal abuse, common law situation, and the like.  Yet many of these do not cause people to stand on the corners and fight so vehemently.
  • I have seen lots of Pro 8 people on corners as well as heard from my daughter about those storming around her college campus.  Signs like, “you are children of satan” and “gays go to hell” are not cool.  Nice form of using your rights to free speech to spew out hate.  Not cool.  Funny, I can’t say I saw any of the Con 8 protesters show so much discontent but promoted love.
  • I am a lesbian.  This fact might cause some of my readers to be so angry that they will leave and maybe despise me.  Believe me, I have already lost many, many “friends” who heard RUMORS that I was a lesbian.  In fact, if I run into people I used to work with I often am shunned or down right treated badly.  So whatever.  I am done playing the game of not being honest.  If you need to go, I respect that and I am cool with it even – I am all for people doing what they need to in order to be true to themselves.  And I am not about to get married and I yet would have voted against 8 even if I wasn’t a lesbian, because it is not my job to judge others.  Someday, however, if God blesses me with love, I hope to be able to marry.
  • And for those who are “in the know”, I did not lose my job at ECCU because I am a lesbian.
  • I want to add, Rona is not a lesbian so the rumor about that can end here.  Not that anyone who reads my blog are the people who perpetuate this.

4 thoughts on “Okay, had to post these…..

  1. I have been watching on the news all of the pro 8 and cannot understand why they are so hateful. I’ve heard references to “next people will be marrying their dogs” Since when are humans comparable to animals?? It’s disgusting. It’s terrible that you have to continually defend friendships because of other people’s ignorance. I especially like your point about issues like spousal abuse which we should be spending our energy and resources on fighting against in order to strengthen “traditional marriage”. I know that God will bless you with love and you will marry (whoever you want!) and be deliriously happy! 🙂

  2. Hey Gina — Did you know that my Mom and Dad had to cross the state line to be married in Washington DC rather than Maryland when they got married? And they had two anniversaries because the Catholic Church wouldn’t marry them since Mom was white and Dad was Filipino. Here’s a link to some of the Maryland miscegenation laws, which I found interesting in terms of how specific they got (no Caucasian and “Malay” specifically listed as well as no “Negro”


    1935: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Miscegenation between persons of the Caucasian and Malay races prohibited.

    1955: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Any white woman who delivered a child conceived with a Negro or mulatto would be sentenced to the penitentiary for 18 months to five years.

    1957: Miscegenation [State Code]
    Crime for white woman to bear a black man’s child. Law held unconstitutional later that year in State v. Howard.

    1957: Miscegenation [State Code]
    Prohibited marriage between whites and Negroes or Asians. Penalty: 18 months to 10 years imprisonment.

    1967: Barred anti-miscegenation [Statute]
    Repealed anti-miscegenation law.

  3. Hey Gina, I always wanted to have a chance to talk to you but I never did. I heard the rumors at ECCU and I always wanted to tell you that if the rumor was true, that no one has the right to judge you. Only God has the right, you live in a world that is hard for me to understand but little by little I am understanding it. I also have a son that is gay, he is 26. I can’t pretend to understand the life style, but I love my son with my whole heart, so does my husband and he is a big part of our family. I believe that Christian sometimes can be so unkind and cruel. God teaches us to love one and other, it seems that once a Christian does something that the majority of Christian do not believe in or approve of, they immediately turn their back on the person, which is completely opposite of what God tells us to do. I am so glad to see that you are working and doing well. If you see Rona, tell her hi for me and I wish the best for both of you.

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