Word to the Wise

Here are some truths:

~ Openness is overrated.

~ Sharing your feelings causes more pain and anguish than it’s worth.

~ One of you who are reading this will understand what I am referring to and will be mad that I posted this blog. But I don’t care.

~ I, for one, am going back to keeping my feelings to myself.

~ If you do NOT know what this is about, please don’t ask.

Gina is out, and is not very wise.

5 thoughts on “Word to the Wise

  1. I think that is the saddest blog that I have read so far. I am sorry that someone so horrible has caused you to withdraw like a turtle into your shell. I hope and will pray that somehow this will be different for you very soon!!

    Lori 🙂

  2. Big hugs to you! I wish we were all perfect and no one hurt anyone.

    Hope you are feeling happy again soon. It sounds like things have been tough for you for a couple of reasons lately.

    Praying you will feel better soon.

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