Delayed posts…..

….are not always worth the wait!

While this picture was not taken this week, it’s a great representation of how I often felt! And sorry for keeping all my 2.74 readers bored from lack of posts…..I didn’t have internet access except at work and, well, work has been crazy! But things are getting back to normal and I don’t have much to do this weekend so we should be good to go!

So, yeah, some highlights of my week:

~ Getting a call from Kirstie telling me her car had been stolen and probably with her own keys because they were missing. Yes, it was stolen from her own driveway! But the drama didn’t end there…..her Dad refused to call the police because he felt the insurance wouldn’t cover it because the keys were missing. Even more drama was involved, especially after I found out the car had a LOJACK….but anyway, the car was recovered later that day (yes, thank you LoJack!) It has some damage – nothing major like ripped out or anything – but it will still take about 3 weeks to repair.

~ Did I mention work is crazy? Yes, it is very crazy but there were some highlights for sure. Liz, Ryan, and Bev totally cracked me up this week!

~ Ryan….does that name sound familiar? I had made fun of him a while back because he is Mr. First Alert who reprimanded me for mentioning 911 in a non-emergency situation. Do you remember that? He used to be in Finance & Accounting but recently transfered to our department. And you know what? He is so very cool and very funny and I can’t even believe how much he fits in with “our row” at work! He is hilarious…..

Okay, well, as I noted at the begging of this post, this wasn’t much after such a long wait. Sorry about that! But I am tired (did I mention it’s crazy at work?) and need to go to bed! Lady is not here to keep me company so I am SOLO! Whoa is me!

Gina out

2 thoughts on “Delayed posts…..

  1. Me thinks someone should buy you the Leapard Mac Upgrade…

    Did your eyes fall out at work while you were reading some crazy church’s bylaws????

    I think life might settle down if you just try to be the hero more!

    Kidding, kidding, kidding…

    Miss you friend!

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