Last days of the 30’s

As you may or may not know, I will be turning 40 in a few weeks. Wow, hard to imagine! I remember as a kids counting down milestones……”when I am 12″, “when I am 16″…..that sort of thing. I even would say, “in the year 2000…..”

Well, I never really counted down to the big 4-0…..and yet, here it comes.

So I am sitting here on one of my last Sunday’s as a “thirty-something”, with the following dilemmas:

1. Having thrown out my neck earlier in the week due to sneezing, I am dealing with pain STILL even after having been adjusted twice by my chiropractor AND having a massage.

2. I totally threw out my lower back lifting a chair when I was visiting Mary in the hospital yesterday. Now, I look about 90 when I stand up as I can’t move…..sheesh.

3. I am so overweight and it really pisses me off.

4. Damn, I have wrinkles too!

Ah, the joys of getting old! How will I be in ten years?????

6 thoughts on “Last days of the 30’s

  1. Mine was 8 days ago and 40 is better birthday than you realize. My kids listen to me better, along with my husband and business associates . And for the wrinkles, it’s a sign of a life filled with laughter. When I thought of being blue, I remember the friends that aren’t in this world anymore. You are a smarter, wiser lady with confidence that you only have with age. ENJOY!

  2. In 10 years, let’s see, I think you’ll be running a company somewhere. Perhaps a company that sells Viagra of something along that line. Did I type that? It was just the first old people drug that came to mind!

    Love ya! And, I’m right behind you on the getting old train! The good thing is that compared to some of our friends, we are still young! BA HA HA!

  3. In ten years, all the things that bug you now won’t matter! 🙂 And I agree with Allie – you are a very cool 40! You just get cooler with age.

  4. Christine is wise and positive. Look at all the things you’ve accomplished by the time you turn 40. Age is but a number and you don’t look or act 40.

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