What, a positive post?!?!!?!?!?!!?!

Blogs are cool because you can share feelings, and darn it – I have happy ones too!

Just some highlights from the last few days…..

~ Got a call from my daughter – she was accepted to Cal State University Fullerton with distinction. This was her first choice, so she is very excited. As for me, I am getting used to the idea of having a child in college!

~ I was informed by Biola that I have been inducted into the Iota Alpha Chapter of the
Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society. This totally makes up for missing high honors by .005 grade points! LOL

~ I was able to work with Taylor University to resolve my delay in obtaining my final grade for my Romans class, which ultimately could have meant I would not be graduating this December. Taylor was very kind and was able to send a special letter to Biola so now I am officially good to go!

~ I was able to find 3rd row seats for my Yukon….you may remember that they were stolen a few months ago. To make things more complicated, I have not been able to find a dealership that had the seats as they told me they could only order for years 2006 and forward. So thank goodness for eBay! LOL. Yeah, they are probably stolen too but I guess I don’t know that for sure! And the OTHER great thing about this is the cost, with delivery, was $750 and my insurance check was $752. How cool is that???? UPDATED INFO: the company selling the chairs contact me….they are about 30 minutes from Deana! So she is going to pick them up and save the $75 shipping fee! So WOOHOO!

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am happy that I will be with my family in Texas. I have tons of things to be thankful for, but for right now I need to get ready for work because I need to be there early to play the drums! So I may post more thanksgiving items later!


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