Quotes of the Week

This week may be harder for me (as was last week) because I didn’t update my log when things happened…..and you know my memory is NOT what it used to me!

“There’s always some damn lining on a cloud somewhere…..” Rona, after getting a flat tire.

“Girlfriend…I was born ready to PARTY!!!” Stephanie P.

“I am not intimidated by you…..you’re a girl!” Jim U.

Interchange with Sophia and Deana:
S: Mom, we forgot Gina!
D: Sweetie, we took her to the airport, she’s in California now.
S: She’s in California?
D: Yes, sweetie.
S: I beat her up!

Interchange with Sophia and Gina via phone:
G: Good morning Sophia
S: Good morning. You buying money?
G: Am I buying money?
S: Yes, you in California to buy money for my Mama?
G: Yes, I am in California buying money for YOU!
S: Good, because I want my Dora house.

“Since I owe you a true welcome, I will bring your favorite Starbucks in tomorrow!” Lori W. (and she did! yummy!)

Liz, after an evil interchange with me where we insulted each other quite well, explains to the new Sales staff, “We actually like each other.” I think my mentoring of her is almost complete! Sniff sniff.

Interchange with my family in Processing: Wanda, Rosie, and Katie:
G: Hey Wanda, do you have any change? I am starving.
W: Mi vida, I have some food….oatmeal, peanut butter crackers, peanuts…..
R: You’re hungry? I have a cup of soup if you want it?
K: I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
I so felt the love and ended up with the soup, crackers, and peanuts after which I noticed there was a ton of free food in the galley anyway, LOL.

“Today is the day!” Deana, who is flying out TONIGHT!

“I am glad you called, Mom!” Kirstie, who I dialed on accident LOL. But we had a nice conversation.

“Lori, Rona, Deana…..where is my name?” Wanda, to whom I explained I was COMPLAINING in by post about them and – as such – could NOT include her name!

“Geen, buy me a computer.” Heather

“Geen get in your car and come to work I mees you!” Text from Liz that I received when I turned on my phone as my plane taxied to the gate in Ontario. She meant to – and accomplished – the Sophia tone perfectly.

Okay, I best start getting ready for work now! Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a chance to spend time with your family. Love your quotes! Sophia sounds just like Kristina, this is Kristina: “Mama (pause) you pick me up from school?” it has entonation with a big question mark at the end, there is no question it was a question…that sounded weird. I guess I better get back to work.

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