Inquiring Minds Want To Know…..

….and other things I convince myself in order to do what I want! After all, I’ve been known to be self-centered. LOL

Special belated shout out to Liz B, who had a birthday the day BEFORE Thanksgiving!

There aren’t many shopping days left for my 40th Birthday/Graduation! LOL So here is the list that “Inquiring Minds” wanted……there is no particular order to this!

• Final Cut Express 4.0 Software (for Mac….of course!)
• Steel string acoustic guitar (narrow neck if possible but cheap is cool)
• Leopard Mac Operating System upgrade
• Gift Cards for iTunes
• Harry Potter book series, or any part thereof AFTER book 3
• The new Amazon Kindle eBook reading device. I mean, seriously, I think this was made for ME! The newest technology, the ability to hold 200 books, and it reads like a piece of paper! Freaking amazing!
• Video8 digital converter (so I can convert them to my Mac computer)
• Apple Airport Express
• Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station
• Apple TV 160GB
• Borders gift cards
• Motorcycle riding lessons
• Starbucks gift cards
• Skydiving jump (tandem, of course!)

High ticket items (you know, it’s good to dream….)

• Mac Pro custom designed by Gina Minard
• Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder
• Final Cut Pro Software
• Roland V-Drum Pro Series, in red
• Trip to London

Okay, well, yeah! Someone told me my list was boring, and well…..lame! But I think it’s beautiful!

9 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know…..

  1. For those inquiring minds that are out shopping for Gina…I saw a very cool complete set of the Harry Potter series at CostCo…great price ! HardBack. Box looks like Harry’s trunk. Did I mention at a great price !

    ok just me peekin’ in ! Congrats on all your upcoming celebrations Gina ! N

  2. as i was reading your list i was thinking….ok gina how am i gunna afford any of those?? hello!!! min. wage worker here….hahaha but i think i found one or two things i might be able to afford

  3. ok i read your list and i took it into consideration but cause i have no job and im a broke high school student……your not getting any of those from me! haha but i no something that i am going to get you =]

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