Heartburn and Hair balls

Yep, it’s 12:45 in Texas and I am up typing this blog because of HEARTBURN! I hate heartburn and yet it’s been taunting me all day. Laying down makes it worse, which sucks since I am very tired right now. And my cat, God love her, is hacking up a hair ball right now – perhaps it is sympathy for my condition or maybe not.

Maybe it’s the heartburn, but I feel really sad right now. Can’t put my finger on why really – I just feel it through every part of me…..a sadness that is unexplainable. And a sadness that is even painful. But again, maybe it’s my heartburn affecting the rest of me.

So, here’s to another post that really doesn’t mean ANYTHING!

3 thoughts on “Heartburn and Hair balls

  1. I hope that by now the heartburn, hairball and pain are gone. You’ve got a lot going on. Hang in there. I’m praying for you.

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