Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a WONDERFUL day!

Special shout out to Sandy, who also had her birthday today – happy birthday girl!

Some interesting thoughts concerning my first Thanksgiving in Texas:

~ We ate out this year – I think my first time ever – and it’s got its pros…….like no dishes to clean!!! It was an overall fun experience.

~ Texas in late November is C O L D!!!!! High today…..45 degrees! Gina was very cold.

~ We also saw a movie together – Enchanted – which, on a side note, I highly recommend! Anyway, this is a fun tradition that lived on in Texas. The only disconcerting feeling was when I noticed every restroom had a sign that stated “tornado shelter”. Tornado shelter?!?!!?!!? The movies twister came to mind….was that in Texas?????

~ The kids are ADORABLE! Each and every one of them. Kenny has grown up, Josh is taller and was focusing on how to spell Minard, Zack wanted and did show me how he could climb Uncle Jerry’s tree, and Sophia is still very proficient at talking!

~ My flight was entertaining – I sat next to a tall, very attractive woman who I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that she was a model. However, I came to learn that she is about to graduate from medical school and become an MD! She was very sweet, is a Christian. We had a nice visit, although I REALLY needed to sleep on the plane……

~ So, I am tired now! Getting up at 3am to leave was a bit tough. In face, I was very fortunate; I had set my alarm for 2:30am but it didn’t go off. I kind of woke up and decided to check the time……realizing it was 3am…..so that could have been bad! But I got to the airport in time, really didn’t have any issues (although am thankful I reserved my parking space!).

Overall, this has been a good Thanksgiving!

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