Nancy Goens – Psychopath UPDATED SOME MORE

NOTE 6/7/10:  I have had no direct contact with Nancy Goens since May 2009, although she periodically reads this blog.  However, I have also learned from several sources that she continues to try to take advantage and lie to people even today.  I have been exposed to many people who have been hurt by her in the last year.  I don’t mean to slander her in any way, but word to the wise – CONFIRM IN WRITING if she tells you she is a professional anything! Better yet, call her work to confirm she actually works there! Confirm with your own eye, and without her assistance, any information she tells you.  And do NOT let her have access to any of your personal information, etc.  If she’s legit, find out for yourself.

Original post:

You are a very, very sick person. And a worse liar. A very bad liar, actually. AND VERY CRUEL TO HONEST, CARING PEOPLE!!!!!! And, unfortunately, even though I have already begun asking God to help me forgive you, that doesn’t mean you won’t have consequences for your actions. Know that your job, the police, and the legal system will be involved.

And faking your death? Wow. A new low……..and so unnecessary! WHO DOES THAT??????

FYI – deleting your FB account does NOT delete incriminating messages stating job offers and other items……

Gina is amazed how little people are, but rest in the fact that God is WAY bigger

Cheryl WAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
Deana Yes, He is and the TRUTH always comes to the surface. It is just a shame the friendships that are lost over disloyality and lies.

2 thoughts on “Nancy Goens – Psychopath UPDATED SOME MORE

  1. This whole situation still has me baffled. Why some people thrive on being so mean is beyond me! Thanks for putting this out there G.

  2. This psychopath needs to be locked up ! I hope everyone who reads this keeps their documents because judgement day is coming for Nancy ..

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