A Comment about Nancy Goens 9/5

Message received on 9/5/13 at 6:50pm Central – names are not being posted but the information has been verified:

I would like to reply to the comments that have been stated here for Nancy Goens. I too have been a victim of Nancy. Please read my post and the previous posts. They are very important. She has been arrested seven times previously for elder abuse, theft, and forgery, among other things. Please be really careful if you come across this person. Call the detective and/or the police department. The detective’s name and number is listed on Google under her name and on this blog. She will come across very sympathetic and eager to help you. But, make no mistake, she will steal from you. She has been caught in numerous lies. She has been arrested as of today. But, unfortunately, the judge presiding over this case may release her. She is desperate for money, and has been known to steal from people, especially elderly people. She gets in their good graces and lies to them, and then steals from them. She cannot be trusted. Call the detective or police department!!!!

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