More Info Coming Soon…..

…..and other items my intentions tell me to do, but sometimes never appear!

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t put together my Year End Recap.  I obviously will not make it by today, but I DO plan on doing something here this weekend.  So for my thousands of readers…….well, maybe that’s an overstatement…….stay tuned!

Message to Nancy G. – girl, just come clean and admit you’re not dead.  No need to try to get to me through bogus comments or fake FB people.  Tell me what you’ve been up to.  Tell me, are you working on the reservation or are they so big they have their own internet company that provides you service?  What can I do to you now?  Even if I had the means to kick your a$$, I wouldn’t.

Anyway, today is Joe’s last day.  He’s the guy I am replacing.  I don’t think I’ve described him in detail here……making a note to do that this weekend, too.  But now I must get ready for work!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Gina OUT

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